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  1. I LOVE this pic so much!!! I'd also love to see your avatar photo a bit LARGER, Hossy! it looks stunning thank you both for posting it!


    Cool indeed! and had a sweet voice too...well, I used to love his voice on the song "she's like the wind"
  3. "Eric H Carmen" ( 11 ) Love your post Lori! I feel exactly the same.
  4. Yes Aventurine!! Japan is on the video too! Thank you all. Not my merit at all, it's always the Magic of EC songs that makes All possible! This is one of my favorite Eric's songs... If I do remember well...this Wonderful song was composed by Eric in just one night. Was it that way? Do I remember it well?
  5. I love this song so much!! I love Eric's ballads so much indeed, they touch my heart deep inside... I didn't find any video on youtube for this very special song, so I made a new video
  6. I hope so! In my country, it is "Cling, caja" There are a lot more to add, I think! I've found two more today, which I'm gonna post later...
  7. ...and more to the list: From That '70s Show TV, Season 4 Ep2 - Eric's Depression - Minute 00:51 (ABM)
  8. You know, we argentine people use to watch TV Ads a lot... ( We are advertising watchers; and use to have here special Tv shows about Advertising all over the world ) Here another Ad - Almost Paradise:
  9. I love finding Eric's songs in the newest generations all over the world. This is from the TV Show "OT" ( 2008 ) -Barcelona, Spain: MANU preparing the song SOLO OTRA VEZ ( ABM ), spanish lyrics again..
  10. Spanish TV Show OPERACION TRIUNFO, 2001 The winner David Bisbal sings spanish lyrics Solo otra vez...
  11. So sad to hear that John. My deep condolences to you and family.
  12. Thank you so much HOSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yes, it sounds Go All The Way in the movie , but I couldn't find the video. There is also another movie "TO DIE FOR" which I loved, and I loved Nicole Kidman SO GREAT performance. I could not find a video either but, the Eric's ABM sounds when..."at her husband's funeral, Susanne steps morosely forwards and presses the play button on a tape recorder...which promptly blasts out 'All By Myself."
  14. 2003 Sabrina Witch (TV series) –Ping Ping a Song (2003) - Almost Paradise Minute 03:09- Almost Paradise, performed by (?)
  15. Does anyone remember if "GO ALL THE WAY" is also in "Almost Famous" movie(2000)?] Now, two more to add to the List 2007 It Takes Two (TV series) – Episode #2.3 (2007) ("All By Myself") 2004 Scrubs (TV series) – My Old Friend's New Friend (2004) ("All by Myself" - uncredited)
  16. This song is one of my fav ever! ALMOST PARADISE - Footloose movie soundtrack (performed by Mike Reno & Ann Wilson)
  17. Well, I think I'm done here This is from a movie I used to watch when I was younger ...I did remember All By Myself playing, here the scene from Clueless movie (Alicia Silverstone)- 1995 (?) Minute 03:44 - all by myself sounding, performed by...(?)
  18. I love commercials, here another one: Hungry Eyes playin' on "Hungry Jacks Whopper" Australian TV Commercial...
  19. (Thanks Wikipedia...) HUNGRY EYES - on a television advertisements for the Irish fast food restaurant Abrakebabra. Maybe our friend Teragram can tell us about any other?
  20. Al, what a great thread! I'm loving it so much... What I've found! "Hungry Eyes" in the Family Guy episode "Emission Impossible," in which Stewie Griffin sings the song while playing the piano at a party.
  21. TV Show Glee (2009) – All By Myself
  22. All by myself (The Rescues) / Superhero movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superhero_Movie
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