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  1. How convenient! The day after Obama signs a few pieces of paper changing things, you get this news? All I know is…if Bush Administration had not disgracefully violated the Geneva Convention and allowed the abuse of prisoners to be carried on, elected president Obama wouldn’t now have to face such a drastic decision like this. Guantanamo Bay, one of the few concentration camps publicly recognized by a democratic government, being completely “outside†of the Judicial System, having enabled the use of torture and human rights violations against detainees. And it is known that “Torture doesn't stop terror. Torture is terror.†So, it seems to be (a drastic), but also an Intelligent Obama’s first step ordering to end torture and close Gitmo.
  2. I'm happy for you Barbara! I’ve always loved “Ready to Take a Chance Againâ€â€¦
  3. brilliant!! Miss you George. Miss you Eric, on Myspace World!
  4. Extremely beautiful pic!!!
  5. Ohh,"Boats" is one of my favorite song ever! and I never saw it done live. Where could I find it??? I think it's not on youtube... Thank you in advance, Love from Buenos Aires. Andrea
  6. Happy birthday!! and, you're sharing your birthday with: Edgar Allan Poe Paul Cézanne Patricia Highsmith Janis Joplin Tippi Hedren ... Andrea
  7. Extremely intelligent, wise, compassionate spirit… Long Life to Mr. EC !!!
  8. The second photo inspires me to make a painting or drawing from it. I think I'll begin these days. It's so intense and expressive, and stylish!!!
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