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  1. Thank you Craig for the great Raspberries photos!!! See you
  2. Thank you angel, I'll check it out.There's something very special in Karens performances, something very different from any other female vocalists I think...
  3. I agree Steve, If I had to choose only one of my favorites, it woukd be KAREN CARPENTER too!
  4. I meant, I love them all as 2nd male vocalists, or should I choose only one? Tommy Tunes, please help me to choose one of them!
  5. All my favorite 2nd male vocalists appear on this video, USA FOR AFRICA... Of course, nothing is perfect (ERIC CARMEN is not on this video!)...I was a little girl then, but nowadays I wonder WHY is not Eric here!??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2W4-0qUdHY&feature=related
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDMtahkHCmo I'm your best pupil, don you think so? My favorite show of all the time!
  7. nice boys!!! you're very sweet all together!
  8. Karen Carpenter Linda Ronstadt Aretha Franklin Barbra Streisand
  9. Thank you so much Craig and Bernie!!! Very beautiful photos!
  10. I found the best video to dedicate to you both, RW and TTunes... I'm begining to think you're Two Faces of the Same Coin... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ7gqM_uIAg&feature=related
  11. haha! thank you sweet peanut. I actually meant "Carmen", I was missing him on "Cart-oon" world...
  12. yes, I've noticed that... PS: I love your pic!
  13. I miss him , although I don't know him! Please come back!
  14. ANDREA


    Sweet-like-sugar...you're so funny!!!
  15. Rudy...Shoot me for not liking U2. I voted first and second question for BM.
  16. http://www.mninter.net/~babaloo/wallp/Sheik2.bmp
  17. Which activities are your preparing these days to please your TUNESETTES?
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