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  1. ....Tommy, please empty your heart!!! I’m trying to send you some Affection....

    Sad News.....

    My heart goes to the maestro Eric, more than ever!! Our ‘World Would Suck Without You’, Eric. This world would suck without your awakening inspiration, your Brightness. Our world would suck if it couldn’t learn from you: brilliance and tenderness, shyness and Truth!
  3. Congrats maestro Eric and maestro Bernie!!! Thanks for this fantastic site!
  4. Here I go again… and I dedicate it again to my HERO Eric Carmen Let me take your hand, 'cause I feel what Raspberries feel (Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout) Raspberries-is forever. Raspberries-is forever.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTSX91J6U...L&index=15# This is in Tommy Tunes's honour...
  6. My new haiku, dedicated to Tommy: Calm down, Go to church and confess, you'll feel better!
  7. Autumn clouds again, my soul has collapsed, ohhh... But soft tunes of EC sounded around, now, Heaven can wait!
  8. Summertime quiet, cicadas sing at night, chords of haunting raspberries.
  9. So beautiful! I love it All are nice and sweet!
  10. and dedicate it to EC , or anyone you like. Haiky structure: Structure: * 3 Lines * Lines 1,2,3 have 5,7,5 syllables respectively. * Unrhymed Example: An old pond! A frog jumps in— the sound of water. ---Basho--- Another examples: These are "kind of" haikus composed today on this forum... Kind of HAIKU for EC, by Andiemay: Ohhh,this perfect Singer, His haunting look, Such a Deep Thinker, My heart comes undone... By Tony Cartmill, dedicated to......Me: Such brown-nose prose, there comes a cost. My keyboard's ruined, from the lunch I tossed... By James, James styled Haiku dedicated to Tony: Roses are red, This is the Cartmill deal. No crying sheep allowed, But anything flies if they're real.
  11. ANDREA

    New Rules

    Hey, such poets indeed! But this is the "Topic: New Rules", we're in the wrong place here. Shouldn't we post a new topic on the "Everything" section, Dedicate a Haiku to...?
  12. ANDREA

    New Rules

    Didn't you like my Haiku Tony? Hmmmmmm, I suspect you're jealous! just because nobody has ever dedicated a Haiku to you? Give me some time, these days I'll write one for you...
  13. ANDREA

    New Rules

    Kind of HAIKU for Eric: Ohhh,this perfect Singer, His haunting look, Such a Deep Thinker, My heart comes undone...
  14. Thanks so much Al for the inside info!
  15. Fantastic photos!! on these kind of photos I can see how much Jesse Bryson resembles his father!
  16. Very Beautiful Elle! Thanks for sharing that sublime night!!
  17. you're so funny James! Here a gift for you. It's a very current photo: Guillermo Vilas, Gabriela Sabatini and Gaston Gaudio, the three glories of Argentine tennis together for the first time in a pic, in Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. http://www.lanacion.com.ar/archivo/anexos/fotos/38/365238.jpg
  18. Thank you so much Bernie! you're Special too!!
  19. Thank you so much for posting this. So awesome!! after all these years and they remain in such a high Level!! They are incredible, and Eric (as always!) has the best voice I've ever heard in my life...Eric YOU ARE UNIQUE, such a Radiant Looking, so Cool! I take my hat off to you Raspberries. All the Best...Tonight.
  20. That's TERRIFIC !!! I'm so glad to hear about this. Good Luck, have fun! Hugs, lot of love to all of you.
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