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  1. Ohh God! I hadn't heard this incredible song "Foolin'myself" till today. Now that I've found it out, I can't stop listening to it. That piano!, those chords, the magical sounds of such richness in Eric's voice... My heart has collapsed in such a way, again. Certainly, this man is not from this earth, such an Energy! I've never heard such richness in someone's voice. Neither Lennon's, nor in McCartney, nor in others...they've never reached what Eric reaches, especially when one can sense the emotions he expresses in songs like this. How many vocal ranges can someone reach?!! Reaching such variety in notes, vocal ranges, such variety in vibrations...in one single song!? I've not only found the most soft sound I've ever heard in one's voice, but also the magical strenght coming from the very depth of the heart. Softness when it's time to be Soft, and the most harmonious strenght in notes when it's time to be delicately Intense... Concealing vulnerability beneath charm and beauty; it is at his strongest when he is showing vulnerability. For this reason, he is for me one of the greatest musicians to act as a "Medium" in communicating emotions, vibrations. There are no more artists like Eric these days. I have no doubts about it, especially the time I get surprised or strongly shocked by a song like this. His vulnerability dwells alongside technique, his motion and strong emotions are at once deeply delicate. Because of touching our hearts very deep inside; because of idealism, intelligence and Truth. Because of Tenderness...
  2. Rodolfo Valentino ( AKA...Mr TOMMY TUNES )
  3. OKAY, OKAY... But, this pic deserves a Poem!! Certainly, this poem could've been written for EC: (sorry, my free translation from italian) Just at thirty-metres distance, I can see very well. I'd like to be close to you, just at thirty-metres distance... and sometimes, being near a fountain, or a river to get close to such Energy You are, whether you're sleeping, having rest, or just smiling. So then, I'll be in the dusk, late in the evening, to confirm that I can shine myself too. And, beyond that tape with your voice recorded on it, they're Brightness, Radiant apparitions; they were called Angels in old times, Who want to learn from you: Purity and Tenderness, Shyness and Truth (among other angelical arts), which have been never seen together before! neither in those places, nor in others...
  4. Bueno, bueno!!! Thank you Bernie! You're so sweet and thoughtful (with us girls!)...you want to kill us softly???
  5. Tina Louise ( Ginger, Gilligan's ) Dylan Thomas Bo Derek John Derek
  6. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by WendyWorld: <strong> Vera, YOU ROCK and many thanks! I hope all is well with you. Now I must go and search for my Wendy, you're a Muse and a real Poet!
  7. Take care Tony, I send Love to you and your Mom.
  8. Barack Obama! Joseph Conrad Sophia Loren Grace Kelly Gene Kelly
  9. Elle / Bernie: It would be awesome to see James Franco "Got milk" as well! Was it done yet? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_INRJyhvPzGA/SYcZtIaNbgI/AAAAAAAAAM0/_aLHgrFYXv4/s400/james_franco.jpg
  10. you're awesome Vera, so sweet indeed!! thank you so much, I've never seen them before... Took my breath away
  11. nice... Virtual age: 85.2 Life expectancy: 85.4
  12. Victoria Principal, James? Here, my new Haiku for you... No rules again! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_er36z7lXobw/SDylmoHE7AI/AAAAAAAAAO0/3W6rFfyPvAg/S230/vicPB2+001.JPG
  13. Blow cold air, It feels like Dante’s ‘Inferno’. my brittle frozen heart!
  14. haha! just a joke marvin...
  15. So sorry my dear Tommy… Too late, my Lord and Master Tunesy. Adhocband has frozen my heart to death, for ever! I’m colder than Eichmann right now. I’m not capable to express any kind of affection here, anymore.
  16. Pat, your so so sweet!!! thank you sweetheart! Tony, you’re not sweet! wild and funny Tony. John, I loved your Haikus so much! James, sweet-like-sugar James...such a great poet as well. Tommy Tunes, are you alive??? If so, please empty your bank account, I’m trying to send you ‘pesos’ argentinos.....
  17. &#49324;&#46993;&#51032;&#54728;&#47581;&#54632;&#51060; &#50668;.. &#51064;&#49373;&#51032; &#54728;&#47581;&#54632;&#51060; &#50668;.. &#44032;&#49844;&#51060;&#47924;&#45320;&#51652; &#45796;...&#12641;&#12636;
  18. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by elle4ec: <strong> Hugh Jackman Elle you're so great!!
  19. ....Tommy, please empty your heart!!! I’m trying to send you some Affection....
  20. ANDREA

    Sad News.....

    My heart goes to the maestro Eric, more than ever!! Our ‘World Would Suck Without You’, Eric. This world would suck without your awakening inspiration, your Brightness. Our world would suck if it couldn’t learn from you: brilliance and tenderness, shyness and Truth!
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