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  1. SO SWEET of you Tommy!!! Wendy, your signature is Terrific, I LOVE it!
  2. Amazing Wendy! so great, so funny! I LOVE that bedroom!!!
  3. Hey! so great, Leif Garrett! Wendy, you both look so great!!! Was (or is he) Leif Garret your husband?
  4. Hey! that post of Eric is from 11-13-2006... Mmmmmmmmm, Eric I miss you!!! BTW, sweet-like-sugar James, where are you? I miss you as well.
  5. so sweet of you helping your wife...YUMMY Cartmil!
  6. LOOKS GREAT!!! Thank you Bernie! You're an Angel...don't you?
  7. New monday, Rare photos inspire like Muses. --Antartic ice sheets are melting! Any comment Tony Cartmil?
  8. Such a lovely photo. They look so cool! Smiles like a child, The power of shyness and beauty. --brightening my day. Lácheln wie ein Kind, Die Macht der Schachternen und Schänheit. --Aufhellung mein Tag. Thank you Bernie!!!
  9. Such a GREAT post!!! LOVE it!!! This is so true indeed; Rolling Stone used to be great many years ago, but not anymore.
  10. Oh! Calvin Klein I adore- your bright clothes and chic lines How I miss Thee so...
  11. I'm still thinking about those white boxers, and the multicolor boxers in James Harem...
  12. ANDREA

    Final exams

    GOOD LUCK lovely Shelley!!!
  13. Hey beautiful Wendy!!! That was Terrific! Fantastic photos, so funny, and that awesome (purple?) cake! Muzza and Kiwi (and all of you) look so happy indeed! I love Cameron, so cute!...and his father….ohhh well, he looks very sweet as well…
  14. My new Haiku for Tony Tony C…doesn’t look like Uncle Fester, Brotha… He looks like SEXY Steven Spielberg, I'd almost rather say …Brotha! Oh yeah… http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/2008/10/custom_1225463040746_steven-spielberg-lrg.jpg
  15. ...and now that I know how sexy you look, I wonder...got any harem here like James'?
  16. my same sentiments!Tony!! So nice to see you, you look SEXY, yeah!!! What a great group. Very very nice pictures, YOU ALL LOOK SO GREAT!!! Muzza, Happy Belated Birthday!
  17. haha! Oh, Wendy! please let's share (private on facebook) our naive(?) thoughts about this new pic...
  18. Ohhh,.... Ay, michino!!! So Cool, thanks. God bless you Bernie!
  19. I used to love Steffi playing tennis. And, nowadays, hmmmmmm, I think there is a young tennis player, a chick ANA IVANOVIC....I'm sure she would fit perfectly in your very glamorous Harem, James!
  20. No? He won the beautiful Steffi Graf!
  21. James (Bond), you're are Great!! I'm loving your posts so much indeed.
  22. Thank you All for your sweet words, comments and all the info about this song!! Okay Tony, I'll take your advice...you Macho Man!!
  23. Yes, Wendy, you're absolutely right! Yul Brynner... Andre Agassi looks great too. Thank you so much Phil for posting this. So cool, so nice pictures!!!
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