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    USA trip pics

    So Wonderful pictures Muzza!!!! Muzza, Do you like the italian poet Cesare Pavese? So great!! I like him, and I like the quote on your signature!
  2. Matt: it seems your girlfriend looks like an Angel... I wish my man looked like: Eric Carmen, Angelina, Tommy Tunes!
  3. ...My boyfriend looks like Sir TTunes! I'm very proud of that...
  4. HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY PAT!!!!!! Born the same day Sir James Paul McCartney (18 June)
  5. I think I know how to make Sweet James to come back here ... JAMES, your Harem is devastated. One of your's Harem Princess (Cindy) is asking for you everyday, she's devastated, suffering because of your departure... Please come back to console her. If not, you know Sir Tommy Tunes is going to recruit her SOON!
  6. I loved the anecdote, and I love those pics!! So beautiful Wendy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow with your beloved friends!
  7. Dear Wendolina!!! Have a terrific birthday!! ( GEMINI...just like me. Another "crazy" Typical Gemini, just like me ) You're Awesome! Have a wonderful time there, adorable Catwoman!!


    Great, great actor indeed!!
  9. Very interesting Bernie. Thanks for sharing, and great photos! I’ve found another one, where she's wearing a Giant bracelets; an scene from “Rebel without a Cause†(James Dean, my man…for ever!) http://www.cinemaisdope.com/news/films/rebelwithoutacause/rebel_without_a_cause1955.jpg
  10. Ohh, I must see that movie!! I love them all, and I think I haven't seen it before...
  11. thanks so much Bernie!
  12. WONDERFUL PICS!!!! They are lovely!
  13. A beautiful photo, for Eric and all the Guys here who used to love Natalie Wood… "Hey Deanie Won't you come out tonight The stars are dancin' Like diamonds in the moonlight And we could never find a better time To be in love..."
  14. So, What do you get crossing T & A? Maybe this?
  15. Thank you all for so sweet comments! Love you!! :
  16. I think I fell in love Great picture!
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