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  1. An absolutely lovely Chocolate-Anne Hathaway! We love you Maestro!!! Have the best Birthday ever! PS:….free birthday cake delivery in Ohio…
  2. Happy birthday to someone who sparkles inside and out. Have a very special birthday and may all your wishes come true...we love you!!! Andrea.
  3. Thank you so much Pretender!! How did you know? Yes, Argentina's Independence Day is July 9. Unfortunately no fireworks at all here, always a very cold and rainy winter day! awful!! Last year, for the first time since 1918, snow fell in Buenos Aires on July 9... GRACIAS!
  4. South Amor ERIC ,Andie!
  5. Quote:AmERICans AmorERICfans Have a happy July 4th!!
  6. I totally agree, Love your words!!! You’re adorable!
  7. Have a happy 4TH OF JULY Elle and EVERYONE!!! Greetings from South America
  8. Awesome!! GREAT PIC!!!!
  9. Quote:Michael Jackson's Gone, Too And it is like a piece of my childhood is gone too... Lot of 80's musical memories...
  10. I'm extremely touched by your words Darlene,thank you for sharing your so kind heart!! I'm too devastated by his death...
  11. I grew up listening to this legend. I cannot believe he is dead, I’m totally socked, and everybody here is shocked. A music icon indeed! I'm very shocked, very sad... RIP Michael Jackson
  12. Happy "belated" Father's Day to all lovely Daddies here!!
  13. Okay, here I go... Where are you?: JAMES (sugar-harem) ERIC (maestro!) RASPBERRYWINE (le chevallier, from Cartoon World) PANASONIQ (...)
  14. So kind of you!!! It would be lovely! Maybe someday... Actually, I'd like to move from Buenos Aires to Cleveland (Ohio), just to live next to..............HOLLIES!
  15. Ohhh Summertime! I have to wait... This is BEAUTIFUL Wendy!!! The pin up is pretty and it looks like YOU girl!! I'd say it's a beautiful kind of mix of You and.....Sharon Tate, perhaps? Have a great Summertime!
  16. HOLA TOMMY! aquí estoy, con mucho frío en Buenos Aires...
  17. That's a LOT of posts indeed! CONGRATS!!! Love, Andrea
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