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  1. I took one of my favorite shots from the Halloween clip… Ohhh please! How can someone be so freaking beautiful! P.S: Bernie, or moderators: is it okay to post eric’s photos here? I mean, I’m not sure about the copyright issue, etc… So, moderators…I will understand if you had to delete this photos here.
  2. We don't celebrate halloween in Argentina, but I hope you all have a great one! And, take care of bad witches TONY!
  3. Beautiful Wendy, as always!!! And you're certainly a Good Witch! kind of a very beautiful "fairy", I'd rather say... I hope you all have a Great Halloween!! My best wishes from a country where,unfortunately, Halloween is not a traditional event at all And, here it comes my next photo, of course...
  4. John, that was so funny, so cool!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Of course, I couldn’t resist and had to make my own clip…sorry John, I couldn’t resist that, It’s so cool indeed! This clip shows what would be my best Halloween party ever! http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/LIWjJRniMxXrenGT
  5. Thank you Wendy! and all for the sweet lines…and for the "perv" lines from Tony too! what did you expected boy, a nude pic? haha! Yes, I love stella artois John. James, about the “Andesâ€â€¦hhmmm, interesting! The Andes Mountains stretch over 5500 miles from the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. Aconcagua Mount lies in the Andes, rising 22,834 feet (6,959 metres) above sea level. James, do you remember the film “Aliveâ€? the plane crashed into the Andes in Argentina in the 70’s? I had the chance to meet one of the survivors some years ago… Maybe, it would be another example to debate on “Miracles†in Cartoon World... The flight transported members of Old Christians Club rugby team. The passengers were very religious persons. It was also called “The miracle in the Andesâ€â€¦ one of the greatest examples of human survival ever recorded. Despite no food or no heat, 16 members of the team stayed on top of the mountain for over two months through the brutal winter while being forced to eat the remains of their fallen teammates before finally being rescued...(Cannibalism?)It was a great debate at the time…After being rescued, the authorities of the Catholic Church announced that according to church doctrine, they had committed no sin by eating human flesh...that they would have committed Sin if they had left themselves to die… SORRY…I turned toward cartoon world, I can’t resist carton world…
  6. …and a cold glass of beer (Stella Artois)…Tony, if you focus on the glass you’ll notice what a wrong way to hold a glass. I’m certainly lacking in good manners! One question: are you planning to have your own mountain’s “harem�
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRESH (or MARV), or whoever you are... Lot of love from Argentina!
  8. Our Master TT is so sweet and funny! Shelley: I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday!!!
  9. thank you Master! I'll check it out, cause I don't know the serie "Meadowlands/Cape Wrath"
  10. That was so funny! and Arthur, one of my favorite!!! Dudley Moore, how much I miss him…so Fabulous!
  11. Non, je ne plaisante pas du tout. Et, je vais mettre cette belle photo sur ma table de chevet!
  12. Well, I’m kid of romantic, and this pic deserves another poem... si parfait! ohhh... mon amoureux monsieur eric angélique et perfectionner votre mains sur cet écureuil noir, beaucoup tendresse! je meur d'amour.
  13. Wendy, that was so funny indeed! Wonderful pics! I really love that view, nice landscape indeed. I love the fresh air of mountain ranges...And those drinks look great too! So, Tony: Are You Satisfied now?
  14. What a great story, thank you Bernie! I LOVE THE PIC SO MUCH...SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. Hope you have a terrific birthday Master Tunes! All the magnetism of a Libra Man! “The Libra Man: he will know exactly the right things to say and exactly the right way to say them. The Libra Man can’t help but infuse his charm and undeniable magnetism into every deep candlelit conversation. His eyes will pierce through you, leaving you blushing and wondering how in the world, does he seem to know your most inner thoughts...†Love from Buenos Aires, Tunesette Andie!
  16. Wendy, is it you on that halloween pic? SO COOL!!! Love it!
  17. Ohhhhhh, well...it's just that I love the name, always reminds me of one of my favorite tv series ever, Twin Peaks by David Lynch.
  18. I think I need those “sublime-magical-angelical hands†from my hero EC…to defend me! P.S: The mountains real name is “Twin Peaks†( cerro las gemelas ). Dear Elle, I'm a country girl at heart too!!!
  19. Ok Tony, here you have… What you asked for… lots of “sky†in my pics Here I am ( where I don’t look like mona lisa at all, I think )…summertime, a peaceful sky, in a nice town called Capilla del Monte in Argentina. Did I understad you well? I hope so
  20. Elle, you’re such a kind and sweet lady... But that description doesn’t fit with me at all! That description completely fit with the only priceless masterpiece ever…Mr Carmen! That album gave the special touch to the photo, it has embellished the photo! Love, La Gioconda-
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