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  1. Oh...! really? so, here I go now...Officially presenting Sir Tommy Tunes and Tunesettes! (Tunesetto John was not there at the moment, he was preparing a delicious vodka sauce!)
  2. aha! that's great... Now, I'm trying to figure out how it would be a party at James Harem...hhhmmmm
  3. Great James! I too love Jimmy Stewart! And you're also a good dancer? Wow.
  4. WOW Elle!!! And I'm ready for the vodka sauce again!
  5. Well, I’m kind of Cinephile (a movie buff), and sometimes I wonder How does “The king James†look like… Maybe, he’s close to any of these other James?: James Brolin. James Stewart James Farentino ( Oh, I remember him playing a Great performance as the role of Peter in Jesus of Nazareth ) James Spader James Garner James Bond ( ...Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, etc, etc ) James Coburn James Denton Which one James?
  6. Elle, that is a hot couple indeed! Here, it used to be one of my fave hot couple in the 90's:
  7. Lovely pic Shelley! Very sweet!
  8. Have a wonderful birthday Diane!!! My Best Wishes from Buenos Aires!
  9. James you're so funny! Totally agree John, I love that couple, they looked so sweet together!!! I never understood very well the story with Crhistopher Walken that terrible day...(I was a little girl by then, and I remember my mom crying and crying. My mom loved Natalie so much...)
  10. Gee, I think I can suggest Tommy to sing this song tonight: "Maneater" by Hall & Oates.
  11. Shelley, I love your avatar, and the signature kitten! and your Location!
  12. Which songs tonight, Master?
  13. Ohhh,....hhhmmmm..... Yes, of course, that’s kind of a yummy pasta here (vegetable-based), some kind of “angel hair†pasta… Oh, and as Dessert (I almost forgot) I’m going to have a delicious Dessert called “Bizcocho De CARMENâ€...That’s my favorite, Yummy, yummy!! http://app2.telva.com/TELVARecetas/Controlador?opcion=2&cod_receta=1110
  14. Buon Compleanno Tunesetto! Have a wonderful birthday John!!! Enjoy your day!!!
  15. I'm going to eat some yummy angelina, with vodka sauce!
  16. thank you for your lines Bernie, you're very sweet!
  17. Extremely Beautiful and very very Sexy couple! Thank you Phil for sharing! Oh well, and I'm jealous
  18. Well, well, well…Unfortunately for you James and Eric, and all the irresistible-handsome guys living there in U.S ( eg. my master Tommy Tunes, Angelina,Tony, etc)… I must announce you that it was internationally proved that those kind of repellent don’t work in South America…I mean, they are absolutely ineffective here. You will need a “Higher-Powered†repellent to avoid argentine or brazillian (topless amateur) females from stalking you… So sorry James, unless this VERY higher-powered weapon is created (and it was proved that it’s pretty impossible to create it nowadays) you'll keep on receiving chick-stalks (constantly, periodically, and “fatal attractively†) from the Southern Girls! Even more, if you guys keep on wearing those cool Halloween costumes which us (southern-girls) love so much ...in these lands with No Halloween Tradition at all(no trick-or-treat, no hollidays, etc… ) I wish you the best, and hope you keep on searching for that weapon...But, you'll never find it! Sincerely, Tunesette Andie ---very proud of HRH The Prince-Master Tunes, Tunesettes and Tunesettos--
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