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  1. What a beautiful family Wendy!!!
  2. SO GREAT!!!! Thank you so much Bernie, Love
  3. Quote:P.S. I wonder if Andie is some world famous artist, is here incognito, and holding out on us? :-) Thank you so much James! Not at all! it is actually my first pencil drawing since 1990...And always using my own techniques; it took me almost two months to finish this drawing, every day I found something new to add to this, and I think I captured some Shyness, and Tenderness I've always loved in Eric's expression. LOVE, Andrea
  4. Twin Peaks!!! Remington Steele…
  5. HELLO EVERYONE! Hope you all have a great 2010!!! Love, Andrea Here my list: Cheers (my favorite!) Twilight Zone The Outer Limits Veronica's Closet (Kirstie Alley) Suddenly Susan (Brooke Shileds) Batman Get Smart Lost X-Files The Incredible Hulk Mike Torello (Crime Story) Family Ties
  6. ...of you. One of my first pencil drawing this year. The inspiration: the most beautiful photo I've ever seen, Eric-Cashbox! Many Blessings to you All! Happy New Year my friends.
  7. Thank you James, I was on vacation... I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!!! AND THE BEST FOR 2010!! You are ALL very special, Eric has the sweetest and brightest fans and friends! LOVE, Andrea PS: ERIC, I MISS YOU! PS1: and, this is for EC.Com addicts (me included):
  8. hello...my name is Andrea, and I'm from Argentina, I am an ec.com addict too, and If I don't check in daily I get flu-like symptoms TOO!.
  9. Como siempre, muy amable, muy divino' Señor Bernie! Gracias, gracias
  10. I have to say "Ãdem" !!! How is it possible? I hadn't seen these fantastic photos!
  11. what a great thread. I'm enjoying all posts here! Such a poet, James!
  12. Thank you all for the nice words. You’re All very sweet! James and Tony: you’re awesome, you’re both soooo funny! I can’t stop laughing…
  13. Very beautiful Elle! Absolutely gorgeous, glamorous,…young Angie Dickinson, young Faye Dunaway!
  14. Dear Elle, sweetest Tunesette!: here you have, some "Saint Cecilia" paintings...
  15. ...at my niece (Isabella) Catholic Baptism.I’m her Godmother Tony: Don't you think I look like a Saint?
  16. Happy belated birthday Larry! Muy Feliz Cumpleaños...to my dear 'Long and Winding Road' sweet friend!!!
  17. What a great post Wendy. Now I know Lew Bundles’s face, Wow! Lithuaninan are Stunning, Hot and Beautiful, indeed! This pic would be like a Big Hug from a Lithuanian Hot Beauty (Jurgita Valts) to another…Enjoy you HugDay!!!
  19. ANDREA

    Duane 1982

    very very cute! and such a glorious hair!!!
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