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  1. for you Miss!! The fella in red is the actor Gastòn Pauls, with his brother Nicolas. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_uhB8gAx8_Io/R2WXk2Wn5FI/AAAAAAAABvM/VfjT6IsxhPg/s400/paul2.bmp
  2. ....and you know Tony, the old trick works!...hhhhhhmmmmmm...Eric...hhhmmmmm
  3. Eric = One man who really thinks deep = Hot! Besides, all that stuff about your own harem and... the "vapors"!....GOSH!!!!! Booyah! Heh!
  4. From time to time, Eric's Solo Music sounds on argentine TV shows. And every time it happens, I feel so excited! Last week, it was on a popular TV serie called “Todos contra Juan†.It is a very popular weekly comedy show here. At the end of the show, this magical song and voice (ABM) suddenly appeared and it was so wonderful. After that, I've read a lot of comments on argentine blogs where very young people ( lot of teen-age kids ) were asking about the song, about who the singer was, etc… All By Myself…an Unique song, always and for ever! Eric's voice sounds on the minute 3:00...
  5. As always, thank you Bernie for so wonderful pics and story! The 1st pic: Sweetness! Eric's smile...resembles his beautiful son on this photo, looks like Clayton so much! What a sexy way to smoke. ERIC I'M DEEPLY IN LOVE!
  6. Thank you so much Eric for sharing all this.
  7. Sweet-like-sugar James, my favorite poet: You must admit that one cannot generously give us a semi-nude pic of Eric "Handsome" Carmen, and then expect that us girls (brave and passionate girls!) behave like young, innocent, skinny, frontier girls with long brown hair... from Little House on the Prairie, Ingalls family!
  8. I looked closely, but what I found was something more interesting over there...
  9. Tony, Tony...your new avatar is so adorable that I couldn’t argue with you anymore, just like in the old times! On a second thought, I should say......You’re hiding behind EC’s pretty face. You coward!!
  10. nice background story! GOSH........ERIC! it's very cold in Buenos Aires, but you are melting my heart right now...
  11. GOSH, Bernie! (I've learned the "gosh" term right here on the board, and I like it) Do you want to kill us girls?! This is too hot! GOSH...ERIC!
  12. So well said! I feel exactly the same!
  14. I'd add "Foolin' Myself" too...it's very special to me, and sounding on that piano, well, that would be sublime! What an awesome photo, Bernie! Eric looks like a prince
  15. Oh Well...I thought you'd say something like: nice tongue and tonsils!, perhaps? What a lovely pic!!!! Thank you so much Bernie!
  16. Wendy, you're ADORABLE! I must add that that is the sexiest microphone I've ever seen! THANKS BERNIE, AGAIN! (I hope you send us more gifts like this!) James: you're dead man!
  17. What does "microphone" means in your country? No words to describe this gift Bernie! thank you so much, Absolutely Fabulous pic!
  18. thank you so much Bernie! This is so cool...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh...Too hot!
  19. ANDREA


    hahahahaha!!!!!!! Where is our man...Eric? I miss him. Tommy: as always, you're awesome...love your sense of humor. Ira: so sorry to hear that. You'll be fine. Hello everyone! Love, Andrea
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