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  1. ES HERMOSO!!! I want a baby exactly like him
  2. Have a wonderful Birthday Beautiful Elle!!!!
  3. Hi Mike! I am very confused , cause it seems there's a misunderstanding here. It's not me who posts photos on the board (those photos of ladies in bikinis, etc) So sorry, but it's not me. Regards.
  4. You should re-edit your first poem!
  5. Hi Mike! Please read the PMs I sent to you.I don't understand anything you wrote to me. Why should you light me up? What happened to me? I think you misundertood something I don't understand anything at all. whta happened?
  6. happy belated birthday, again,Eric! http://www.playlist.com/playlist/additem/365106449
  7. I think I missed something! It's been almost a week I'm very ill...But, why did you re-edited yours? you shouldn't!
  8. Bernie, a new special, birthday photo of Eric is needed!
  9. Have a Wonderful Birthday Eric! full of love and sweetness, and kisses...
  10. Wow, that will be next wednesday. I will be writing new poetry, and maybe trying a new painting (a new Eric’s portrait), all for that special day! To paraphrase my friend TT…“I do shiver with anticipationâ€
  11. "One Image is worth a thousand words" ? Bernie, first of all, let me tell you something...this is all your fault! This is how women's imagination flies away after watching the pic you've posted today. } GOD! Bernie Thanks!
  12. Gosh! "#%&#&YYHBGEWEW%$/&%()/)/&)&%#""""""RBH Y%#/$¡?=YUGFTREWERSGFH/$#!"%&$$/(%&())#"%R TEGWR%N#%WET$SG%&(%
  13. BTW, I'm glad you're Alive and Kicking, My Master!
  14. Tommy Tunes has never seen any photo of us, Girls. What kind of PC do you have Tommy? Why you could never see photos on this board from your Pc... I don't understad you MASTER!
  15. IF YOU ARE ALIVE...I really hope so! I send you my pic, just for you (an innocent pic)... What about your Harem, and all that stuff? still working? I MISS YOU TOMMY TUNES!
  16. It's cold, very cold right now! But, I like it.
  17. ANDREA

    Bill Murray....

    I love every single scene from this movie!
  18. ANDREA

    Bill Murray....

    Three words: "Lost in Translation" THE BEST!
  19. Interview with Natalie Wood on James Dean. Sorry if you've already seen it. I haven't seen this interview. She had a lovely very sweet voice indeed!
  20. here you have Boy! the girl in the show, Mercedes Oviedo...or do you prefer the blonde one? http://www.terra.com.ar/imagenes/originales/246/246997.jpeg
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