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  1. ...always sharing those great photos,and memories... and of course as the creator of this awesome Site!!
  2. ha! now I do understand. I didn't know about his accent, most of the movies I saw used to be "in spanish". Now...this is really adorable, awesome, funny:
  3. angie: u are da owna of my heart
  4. Thank you Bernie, Wow...I didn't know his real name at all. I always thought he was from italian family! "Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in the Bronx, New York, the son of Emanuel Schwartz and his wife Helen Klein. His parents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants..." Remember Curtis and Jerry Lewis in Boeing Boeing? so funny! Loved them both together
  5. Paraphrasing Wendy, I would say: LUCKY ‘whatever’ you’re takin' to the grave with you!
  6. Thank you so much, Bernardo!!! LA FOTO ES HERMOSISIMA! And Eric always looking so sweet...the sweetest smile I've ever seen
  7. I'd love to know if Eric has ever destroyed a guitar, or fire his piano,etc, etc ? -----I love wild artists so much
  8. Wonderful photos! thank you so much for sharing Who is the WILD BOY destroying his guitar? I love it!!
  9. For you my master TT: "The Raspberries' Eric Carmen and Springsteen have enjoyed a mutual admiration society for years. Carmen says he considers Springsteen not only an inspiration, but a kindred spirit: "The thing that I like most of all about Bruce is that he totally gets it. Y'know, he totally gets what rock and roll is. And you go back and listen to the Born To Run album and it's like, he learned from all the same records we did.'"
  10. I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss!! Take care Wendy. And my heart goes out to you and family in your time of sorrow…
  11. From Desperate Fools, just because is so Great and Deep!!! "I've been up too high I've been down too low I've been searchin' for somethin' With nowhere to go Thought I'd make it alone But I'm so far from home In a town full of desperate fools Oh, the sun beats down On the L.A. scene But you can't feel the cold When the grass looks so green And the games that I've played Were not wort what I paid In a town full of desperate fools I've been takin' my life One day at a time Tryin' to piece it all together But I know in my mind That I'm startin' to be What they want me to be..."
  12. "Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels...hierarchies? and even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart: I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence. For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure, and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us. Every angel is terrifying. ............... Every angel is terrifying. And yet, alas, I invoke you, almost deadly birds of the soul, knowing about you. Where are the days of Tobias, when one of you, veiling his radiance, stood at the front door, slightly disguised for the journey, no longer appalling; (a young man like the one who curiously peeked through the window). But if the archangel now, perilous, from behind the stars took even one step down toward us: our own heart, beating higher and higher, would beat us to death. Who are you?" Rainer Maria Rilke
  13. or anyone who wants to answer) Bernie: after what you told me of Jerry Lewis…I’m still thinking, and now I’d like to make a list naming some of the most admired American artists in general (or tv shows, or directors, etc) here in my country. In order to know if there are similar sentiments about them in the States… Here, just “some†of them (especially fully admired by my generations) Woody Allen Marlon Brando F Ford Coppolla Roman Polanski The Three Stooges Jerry Lewis Benny Hill (England) Pink Panther Tom Waits (not popular, but has lot of fans especially among artists/musical communities) R. De Niro Al Pacino The Simpsons
  14. ...I am speechless because you have fallen beside me because your eyelashes are the spines of tiny fragile animals..."
  15. 1) I Can Remember 2) Let's Pretend 3) Tonight 4) Go All The Way 5) Don't Wanna Say Goodbye Ecstasy Overnight Sensation Play On Nobody Knows Cruisin Music
  16. http://entretenimiento.latam.msn.com/ar/argentina/articulo_reporter.aspx?cp-documentid=25496323
  17. I like the part... "...when she'll get down on her knees Beggin', now darlin', please"
  18. "Grim" I'm not sure about the correct translation into spanish... Would it be something like feeling a fatal illness?
  19. Happy Rosh HaShanah to everybody!!!
  20. Happy Rosh HaShanah!!! Y a disfrutar de la comida, entonces, que es muy deliciosa por cierto, lo se!
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