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  1. Penelope Cruz could play the role of one of the Two hot babes waiting for the miner... I was told, the two women were waiting for him like in this pic...
  2. One of the miners had Two Women waiting for him outside, Johnny Barrios. Benicio could play Johnny's character.
  3. Carmen: would you mind to post you telephone number on the website please, so as we could call you, Tony included!
  4. Stunning Wendy!!! Great photos! and All looking so great, very beautiful Hollies, also looks so sweet indeed! But, where is the photo with the King of Cleveland, Mr. Carmen? I've always imagined visitors of Cleveland, and Carmen's fans, going to visit Cleveland and "Carmenland" !!!
  5. happy end! We're waiting now for the Hollywood Movie!
  6. My japanese friends: I'm glad about the Japanese Football Team and how they've played today! I know in Japan there are a lot fans of Lionel Messi, it was great that Japanese team played with Argentina, beyond any result! And it was also great to see all those sweet, fervorous japanese fans wanting to see Messi. They are lovely! I love Japan.
  7. My favorite!!! You're awesome Elle!
  8. Thanks so much Eric for sharing this! Hhhhhmmmm...I can't even comment...hmmmmm...hhhmmmm Signed, "Secretary"
  9. Thanks so much Eric for sharing this!!
  10. Sharing more of Mishima's Works! "What transforms this world is — knowledge. Do you see what I mean? Nothing else can change anything in this world. Knowledge alone is capable of transforming the world, while at the same time leaving it exactly as it is. When you look at the world with knowledge, you realize that things are unchangeable and at the same time are constantly being transformed." — Yukio Mishima (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion) "Dreams, memories, the sacred--they are all alike in that they are beyond our grasp. Once we are even marginally separated from what we can touch, the object is sanctified; it acquires the beauty of the unattainable, the quality of the miraculous. Everything, really, has this quality of sacredness, but we can desecrate it at a touch. How strange man is! His touch defiles and yet he contains the source of miracles." — Yukio Mishima (Spring Snow)
  11. "...An ugliness unfurled in the moonlight and soft shadow and suffused the whole world. If I were an amoeba, he thought, with an infinitesimal body, I could defeat ugliness. A man isn’t tiny or giant enough to defeat anything." — Yukio Mishima (The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea)
  12. Indeed? Then, I could fall in love with you my friend...Take care (of me!)
  13. a beautiful work of Mishima that I remember is "The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea" It is so great to share all this with you All!
  14. Awesome! Could you please come here and sing it in person, and bring Eric Carmen with you? Eric could play on the piano, while you sing da song! and I'd be da happiest woman in da world... Bring also Aventurine and James!
  15. Aventurine: I've learned to adore this Gringo!
  16. Great stuff. "Ready To Take A Chance Again" -Love that song!
  17. That's great! On the other hand, I'm sure there're could be one more: 3. We both like Cristina K. (sweet-like-sugar!)
  18. Yes, poverty and corruption, mostly created by Imperialist Nations.
  19. yes, a very strong spirit! The People who had to face a double Atomic-Bomb. Double Atomic-Bomb. Maybe a topic for Cartoon World! Sorry
  20. James: please, some English definition of "Vapors" ? Elle: it's lovely, very very romantic!
  21. I like Buddhism, too much! I like Zen (Koan Zen), too much. Haikku poetry. Akira Kurosawa. Japanese Films in general...Kurosawa, Hirokazu Kore-Eda, etc Actor Toshiro Mifune. I used to read Yukio Mishima. I've read about his life too. I love Shodo Japanese calligraphy Art. I love Japanese Temples. The Japanese tea ceremony...The sound of Taiko Drums... Japanese cherry blossoms Painting. Japanese Summer Sounds: mix of Frogs and Crickets. Katydids and Crickets.
  22. What a sweet lady Aventurine! You should know that the most brilliant minds, artists, etc, have always Loved (deeply loved) the japanese culture! I have a very close example, argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, as many others, were deep in love with Japan. I've learned a lot about Japan from a very beautiful essay written by J.L.Borges. These lines are from him (my translation): "When I was eleven or twelve years old, after reading a work by 'Lafcadio Hearn', I got very interested about Japan. Then, I read the English translation by 'Genji Monogatari', and also books about Buddhism, Zen Suzuki Daisetz, and I still felt that someday I'd like to meet Japanese culture directly. This desire is fulfilled now that I'm 80 years-old, and I feel extremely happy!" Thank you for sharing this article, I didn't know about this family, So great indeed.
  23. It's just like looking at John right there.So moving. They both together leave me with no words...
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