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  1. FYI, almost every time I have seen a mention of "All By Myself" in print, over the past five or ten years, it has been referred to as " Eric Carmen's  "All By Myself.'" Not Celine Dion's or anyone else's. And BTW, the royalty checks still come here.

     People who were of a certain age became familiar with the song in 1992 when Celine re-recorded it ( and sold 32,000,000 albums ). People who were of a certain age in 1976 were familiar with the original version. If you live in South America, you might be more familiar with Luis Miguel's "Perdoname." In other parts of the world, there have been many translations ( some good, some bad ) that have attempted to reconcile the language of that country with the melody of ABM. So far, the song has been played over 3.5 million times on domestic ( just in the USA ) radio. It's been played at least that many times in Europe and Asia. That's a good 7,000,000 plus plays, worldwide, since 1976, and counting. The last time I checked BMI's catalogue, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers, was the most performed song in their catalogue, followed by "Yesterday" by The Beatles. I think they were both somewhere in excess of 12,000,000 plays. ABM has been recorded by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, Babes In Toyland ( one of the funniest versions I have ever heard ) Henry Mancini, Eartha Kitt, Tom Jones, Il Divo, Celine Dion and literally hundreds more, all over the world, so, in the immortal weirds of Eva Perrone, "Don't cry for me, Argentina...."



    Eric, the correct name is EVA PERON. BTW, Argentina loves you :-) 

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  2. I hope you're talking about I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips number two. If that first video ever sees the light of day I might just move to Argentina and change my name. That's how much I hate it. I'm hoping not even Bernie could find that one. Blech! ec


    I'm sure that video must be awesome! I'm still waiting for that first video to see the light of day...

    Where The F*H* is that 1rst video? angry Anyone? smirkprayhaha

  3. James said:


    Nice post. You do a lot for this place. Your judgment on censoring is very good.

    EC.Com is a much better place because you are part of the hierarchy of authority here.

    Thanks for your time and efforts here,


    IDEM James! Tim Rocks!!! :)

    Now...Why did you censor Yourself erasing your Own threads? angry

  4. Tony Cartmill said:

    James, I missed it! Can you PM it to me so I can finally figure out the enigma that is...James?!? :blink:

    I missed it too! Indifferent

    But, fortunately, I could repost the photos he had posted there...

    He'd written about his amazing body and habilities while he used to be a full time-professional Tennis player! :D

    I think He had also posted a pic of him (which I attach here too) embracing his beloved Hillary at that time???


  5. Such and awesome Unique voice you have Eric! Thank you for sharing such tenderness deep inside your heart, all these years...

    After listening to the vibration of your vocals from this song "Everything", I have to say again: You are Such incredible Being of Light...Thank you for sharing your energy with us!


  6. Ok guys Tony did a tribute to us ladies only fair you guys get a shout out too! This is too ALL the men on EC.com and to those in particular that keep us ladies laughing and coming back for more! cool

    Here's a little rhyme for the men on this site

    Some of them sing some of them fight

    We have Bernie the creator and Tim the moderator

    There's Fresh and John who make us feel good

    Crackin our backs and helping our moods

    There's LC the writer and Hollies the fighter

    Paulie and Pat who love that ball and bat

    Game players Reid, Wim and Matt

    Band mates G-man, Marvin and Tommy

    Know how to rock a house full of honeys

    There's Kirk the cat lover and Ira the sweet

    James and Tony a ladies treat

    Eric the voice and piano playing man

    All of you rock this fan based clan



  7. smilie haha, very funny James, as always!!!

    Now, I wonder...if you always talk about your own Harem, where Only Young Chicks are admitted, Don't you think you should move your Harem to JUSTIN BIEBER FAN SITE??!! angry

    Love you James,LuvLove


    Andrea Paola-

  8. hahalaugh

    So sorry, Tony...I didn't know Eric was so sensitive to women stalker concerns. I had only invited him once to visit my home and taste the argentine meat "The Criollo Asado", the best tender cuts of selected beef which is considered the best meat. Maybe he misunderstood all that stuff. I think he has become vegetarian (livin' in vegetarian monasteries) just after receiving my invitation. Indifferentgrin

  9. Tony here is your poem you asked for!

    He's a casanova of this site

    He would love to blanket

    EC.com girls at night

    Charming and witty

    Never a loss for something to say

    All the girls beg please please Tony

    Don't go away!

    He teases and pleases a girl from Japan

    Whispers and flirts with girl named Suzanne

    His harem he controls with ease and grace

    Oh Tony Oh Tony love your avatar face!


    Awesome poem! I love it Monica!! LuvLove

    So, I must assume we have nowadays a New Top10 Harems at ec.com?

    1-The wild “New Don Juan De Marco†Tony Cartmill

    2-The sweet-like-sugar James ( having lost his eternal 1st place? )

    3-Eric heartpump Carmen ( having lost his eternal 1st place also, just because he’s living now a chaste life- in a secure retreat in Tibetan Monasteries…far away from south american female stalker-fans...Indifferent)

    4-Etc, etc, etc…

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