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  1. Eric, the correct name is EVA PERON. BTW, Argentina loves you :-)
  2. Wonderful news, Eric!!! So great to hear from you again!
  3. Signed, Andrea Paola Sansone
  4. Really? PS: see you on FB, Cartmill
  5. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When?????? I can't believe it
  6. Blech!???? I'm sure that video must be awesome! I'm still waiting for that first video to see the light of day... Where The F*H* is that 1rst video? Anyone?
  7. I'm still crying, dear Eric...till you come back here
  8. IDEM James! Tim Rocks!!! Now...Why did you censor Yourself erasing your Own threads?
  9. I missed it too! But, fortunately, I could repost the photos he had posted there... He'd written about his amazing body and habilities while he used to be a full time-professional Tennis player! I think He had also posted a pic of him (which I attach here too) embracing his beloved Hillary at that time???
  10. Ohhhhh, Love all the videos posted here! Wendy, as always...so funny!!!
  11. "The Illustrated Guide To Vatsyayana Kama Sutra"
  12. You're so funny TT !!! Of course, you're still My Master Tunes Your Harem is beyond perfection than any other around here!
  13. Such and awesome Unique voice you have Eric! Thank you for sharing such tenderness deep inside your heart, all these years... After listening to the vibration of your vocals from this song "Everything", I have to say again: You are Such incredible Being of Light...Thank you for sharing your energy with us!
  14. Wow, soft, sweet, very deep...I dind't remember this song!
  15. haha, very funny James, as always!!! Now, I wonder...if you always talk about your own Harem, where Only Young Chicks are admitted, Don't you think you should move your Harem to JUSTIN BIEBER FAN SITE??!! Love you James, signed Andrea Paola-
  16. So sorry, Tony...I didn't know Eric was so sensitive to women stalker concerns. I had only invited him once to visit my home and taste the argentine meat "The Criollo Asado", the best tender cuts of selected beef which is considered the best meat. Maybe he misunderstood all that stuff. I think he has become vegetarian (livin' in vegetarian monasteries) just after receiving my invitation.
  17. Awesome poem! I love it Monica!! So, I must assume we have nowadays a New Top10 Harems at ec.com? 1-The wild “New Don Juan De Marco†Tony Cartmill 2-The sweet-like-sugar James ( having lost his eternal 1st place? ) 3-Eric Carmen ( having lost his eternal 1st place also, just because he’s living now a chaste life- in a secure retreat in Tibetan Monasteries…far away from south american female stalker-fans...) 4-Etc, etc, etc…
  18. ...these feelings, so well expressed by Elton John! So well performed by Justin Timberlake!!!
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