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  1. My oldest Son Joel and Daughter in law told us yesterday the blessed news...This will be number 3 for them and their last..so they say...Evan and Daniel will have a new brother or sister in July
  2. Love John Denver... miss his music
  3. I still like watching.."leave it to Beaver"...RIP Barbara
  4. I like Khloe...She has "kahunas"...she tells it like it is, as far as the photo..I think the white suits are better
  5. I miss John..I often think the Beatles would have reunited if John and George were still alive two talented souls who gave us so much..I hope they are making music together in heaven, I'm sure they are keeping the angels dancing
  6. Miriam...Lets Pretend is one of my favorites..I just love Eric"s unshaven look in that video Here is a favorite of mine...JOURNEY...OPEN ARMS...STEVE PERRY
  7. Great Pics...Glad you all had a great time
  8. Happy Birthday Kim...enjoy your day
  9. You have some Cuties...Grandkids are the best..I love being a Nana
  10. Great news Val...continued prayers...He is a cutie
  11. Val replied to my message..here is what she said...Hope you don't mind me passing this along Val.. "Hey Shelly,,, sorry for the delay..I was hoping to have better news. The Dr's have still not been able to close his chest due to swelling issues and the little guy is losing weight quickly. The only bright spot, is they feel they have fixed his heart problem. His feet used to be cold but are now warm so they beleive the heart is working properly. Thanks so much for your continuing concern... Val" _________________________
  12. On Saturday nights, I like to kick back with a drink or beer and surf the web, or watch a good movie. I am and always have been a "homebody", I never did too much of the Party scene when I was single...just wasn't my thing.
  13. Sad News...Heart has always been a favorite of mine
  14. Continued prayers for Ryan ...Thanks for the update Val
  15. I like to think I'm like a Timex watch.."takes a licking, and keeps on ticking"....Beep Beep
  16. Happy 16th Razzberry ....Enjoy your Day
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