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  1. we didn't have very many trick or treaters last night I guess because most of my neighbors did not give out candy I had my pole light on, but I only went through 2 boxes of Hershey bars...I have 3 boxes left My Hubby and Son will be eating candy until Easter
  2. I agree Robyn, the food you eat has alot more to do with your overall health than you think, The research is out there, its fascinating what you can find.
  3. GOD BLESS I DO NOT miss the teenage years
  4. I'm Vegan, because I choose not to harm animals, but thats my vice. My Hubby is a carnivore, and he still eats meat, and I cook it for him...I wasn't vegan when we met or got married, so I can't force my views on him, nor would I want to try..To each his own..I never preach, so if I am ever able to meet any of you fine folk..you don't have to run away I won't try and convert you
  5. Both Great Actors...An Officer and A Gentleman is one of my favorites, and who dosn't like Hawaii 5 O...bookem Dano
  6. Same as Miriam...Happy Birthday Gina
  7. He's not Shy, but I just ADORE Him AL PACINO
  8. Shelley


    Miriam...I never said I didn't drink ...I got drunk for the first time at 16, my parents when out of town, and me and my girlfriends hit the "bar" down in our finished basement...we didn't know what the hell we were drinking...we all just got drunk..very drunk...since the bar was not used too much, and my Dad had an ample supply ...my parents never found out I like to drink on occasion,It does not matter what the occasion is ..its funny we went away last weekend, and I didn't drink at all...having too much fun.
  9. Great find Phil...God, I just LOVE the Beatles
  10. Gail, I don't know you, but I 'm really glad your here...Welcome Home
  11. Shelley


    I have never smoked cigs or pot...Like Wendy, I was a "Good Girl", when I met my Hubby at age 22..He corrupted me...He was a "bad" boy, but I still never smoked cigs or pot, I told the Hubby he had to give up the pot if we were going to have a relationship...He did,He gave up drinking too even though I didn't ask him to.
  12. Shelley

    For Beth

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend..Breast cancer takes far too many far too soon...lets hope one day it will be 100% curable.
  13. Since I'm a Vegan, all of my food is tasty and low fat...I have a huge baked potato(plain) and some type of steamed veggies every night. I make a great "Mock tuna" salad out of mashed Chickpeas(garbanzo beans)Vegan mayo, relish, onion, celery, and salt and pepper....its yummy on pita bread, or whole wheat bread
  14. Thanks Everyone...Hubby and I are headed over to the East Coast of Florida we are going to hit The Hard Rock Casino, and spend some time relaxing by the beach...Catch you all next Tuesday..thanks Again
  15. Miriam...I use the treadmill..thats the ONLY exercise I do...call me an exercise Flunkey, but I still look good in low rise jeans..no "muffin top"
  16. Ok since Wendy "hijacked " the thread , I will too....I have to agree with Wendy...I want everything tight, but no muscle...I like my boobs, I don't want to give them up
  17. NO....what a shame..great actor, I'll miss him...RIP Mr. C
  18. OMG...I will pray for that poor Horse..How could someone do that to an animal..
  19. Thats so Neat Wendy...I always bake lots of cookies, pumpkin rolls, pies and cheesecake for the Holidays I think I'm going to order the book..looks great
  20. Lebron and his buddies might make it to the finals, but my prediction is Miami will be knocked out..I see the Lakers and Celts matching up again. We have tried to get Laker tickets when they are playing here...FORGET IT...NOSEBLEED seats at outrageous prices..I'll just stay home and watch
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