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  1. Sorry I'm late Julia..I hope your Birthday was great....from one Nazareth fan to another....I wish you many many more
  2. BEST DAMN BAND OF ALL TIMES... I miss John and George...Love Paul and Ringo....I wish John and George were not taken from us so early....I think or hoped they would do 1 more tour
  3. I want to wish all my buddies here at EC.com a very Merry Christmas...and a big Thanks To Miriam and RockinRobyn, for letting me cry on their shoulders... My Mom passed away on December 15th, my brother and I were there when she passed...I am glad she is at peace, but needless to say, I'm not in the Holiday Spirit...I hope you all have a blessed Holiday, and a Prosperous New Year..God Bless
  4. I had a MAJOR crush on him in the early 70's...Thats too bad..RIP Don
  5. Happy Birthday ...Hope it was great
  6. Happy Birthday Kirk...Enjoy your day
  7. My Oldest Grandson Evan who is now 6, pulled the Christmas tree over when he was 3 years old...it fell on top of him..thankfully he wasn't hurt,,when my son and I ran and pulled the tree off of him...Evan looked at us with a smirk on his little face and said.."Merry Christmas"...My son and I laughed so hard...I'll never forget it
  8. Happy Birthday Reid Enjoy your Day
  9. Shelley


    Turkey is in the oven To Everyone here at EC.com...I hope those of you celebrating..Have a fantastic day...and Thanks for the many laughs..YOU ALL ROCK.... Eric..I Love You..always have.. always will..Thanks for the Music...
  10. You must say ..YES DEAR...like you really mean it
  11. I'm glad I'm Vegan...Daughter in law offered to cook the turkey..I said .."go for it"..there 6 adults and 2 children I bought a 14lb bird..I tried to get everyone to eat "TOFURKEY', but they all laughed at me
  12. As my Filipino husband says.. He is our Philippine Pride...
  13. I can't give blood, because I am anemic....My older son use to give blood all the time because he has a rare type.. B something..He can't give since he was wounded in Iraq, because he had transfusions, and he has shrapnel still in his system..
  14. Shelley

    Christmas Songs

    Silver Bells..my favorite
  15. Hope it is a great reunion...Have a safe and wonderful trip
  16. I loved Princess Diana, I remember watching the wedding on TV...2 days later I loaded up my 1980 honda civic and drove across country from Rhode Island to California...it took me 4 days, I remember coming off highway 10 getting on the Pacific coast Highway heading north..what a feeling..I was 22 and about to start on a totally new life...3 months later I met my future Hubby..Good Memories, Diana's boys were born in 82 and 84..mine were born in 83 and 86....I cried when she died. I think she would have been very proud of both her boys..they seem very grounded...just what she wanted. and I'm sure she would have welcomed Kate with open arms.
  17. I'll take the Beatles any way I can get them ..I'm really glad, my son bought me an Ipod for my birthday ..I tunes here I come
  18. Great News..Congratulations
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