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  1. Shelley

    ITs a Girl

    I updated Miriam...the due date is in the post
  2. Shelley

    ITs a Girl

    My Daughter in law had her ultrasound today....its a little girl My Son after getting over the shock(they have 2 boys) is very excited that he is going to have a daughter. My first Granddaughter....I see Pink and lavender in my future They are going to name her Chasity Marissa ... Due Date...August 4, 2011
  3. Shelley

    Your first job?

    My first job was a cashier in a hardware store(my Dad knew the owner)...I stayed there 2 years until I graduated High School...I learned a lot there, I knew every type of nail, bolt, wire..etc that was made...came in handy in later years.
  4. Happy Birthday BeatleJay Enjoy your day
  5. Wendy..you said what I was thinking
  6. I've been thinking of you for a few days now...continued prayers for healing you all.
  7. I am a Vegan, I don't like the prices of fresh or frozen veggies and fruit, but I refuse to buy junk...I only eat Whole foods....nothing processed...its a damn shame when a carrot costs more than a burger
  8. My Dad taught me many of life's lessons, unfortunately being the hard headed one(like my Dad ) I didn't listen to him...I was one who had to learn from experience..He and I were so alike, I was the only one of the 4 of us kids that would argue with him if I thought something was right..later in life, he told me he was proud of me for speaking my mind..even if it did land me in some hairy situations. One lesson I did learn from him and took to heart is always treat someone as you would want to be treated, even if they were not kind to you..."Be the better person" is what he would always say. I have tried to live my life that way, because my Daddy set a good example for me. He has been gone almost 5 years now, and I still miss him alot.
  9. Happy Birthday Elizabeth....Enjoy your day
  10. Me either...LOVE that song
  11. OH MICKEY YOUR SO FINE...Toni Basil That damn song drove me crazy..way overplayed
  12. My Deepest Condolences John and Bonnie...May the Good Lord comfort you in this time of sorrow.
  13. Shelley

    "Best Pastrami"

    Ira...one bite and you would be hooked I have yet to find good pizza here in Florida
  14. Shelley

    "Best Pastrami"

    Damn Skippy Ira Its GOOD Stuff...Federal Hill is "Little Italy" ..in R.I.
  15. Shelley

    "Best Pastrami"

    The BEST pizza in the world is from..Caserta's Pizza in Federal Hill...Providence R.I I have had pizza all over the world...none compares to theirs...I wish I had some now
  16. SWEET GEEZUS....HOTNESS thanks for the pictures
  17. Loved that show, I had to sleep over my friends house to watch it, my Dad wouldn't allow it on Thats were I saw the Raspberries ....GREAT SHOW RIP DON, I hope your creating something big for us when we get there
  18. I saw clips of it on TV, they interviewed the young actress that stars in it...looks like a great film, unfortunately, I could never get my Hubby to see it(if its not a comedy, or action film He is not interested), and I hate going to the movies alone, guess I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.
  19. I would rather be Samantha...I get called a witch anyway and I could cast spells, and create love potions Yeah being a witch would be fun George Clooney on Monday Al Pacino on Tuesday .... EC on Wednesday....ETC.....
  20. Happy Birthday Bernie Enjoy the day
  21. Hair color disasters...I had one when I was 17 I dyed my hair black..I don't know what the hell I was thinking, My skin tone is white as a ghost...I tried to put red over it what a mess, I had to go to the salon to have it stripped. But I do my own hair, have for years..no more problems..I am currently a blonde, I have been a brunette and a redhead,at different times of my life...blonde covers the gray better in my opinion ..
  22. Late Again Hope you had a great birthday Julie
  23. Belated Happy Birthday Belle...Hope it was great
  24. Happy Birthday Wim...Hope its great
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