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  1. Kathy Lee your doing a good thing...I hope you have a mild winter...God Bless...
  2. I hope you all have a great time...I hope to meet you all someday, if any of you ever come to Florida...Let me know...I'm outside the Ft Myers area...
  3. A favorite of mine...and I like this video.
  4. Ozzy is back.....S*H*A*R*O*N....Just kidding, I like Ozzy.
  5. I think this was pretty common back then, especially in Royal families...its a sick thought isn't it?
  6. I agree...Where is "All by Myself"?.....A BEAUTIFUL heartbreaking lonely song...
  7. Shelley


    What makes me: Happy....My Grandchildren (even thou sometimes I'd like to wack him with a bat ) Giggly...I agree with Muzza..Lew, James and Tonys posts always make me giggle...I love their humor
  8. I was tired of the same old Pumpkin pie, so I made a Pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake...It was a hit...we pretty much stick to the same stuff every year, my family dosn't like to try anything new :rolleyes:
  9. Happy Birthday Phil I hope you have a super day
  10. Happy Birthday May you have many more to come
  11. Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day
  12. Thank You Eric, I hope you and your family had a great "turkey day" too.
  13. ok, I always loved Louie Armstrong...."Its a wonderful world"
  14. I either give Gift cards or cash...I hate to shop for people...but I love to shop for myself
  15. Happy Birthday Kirk I hope you have a fantastic day
  16. Kathy Lee, God bless you...Not many folk could do what you do.....Here's to new beginnings...
  17. Happy Thankgiving...If you are traveling, Be safe.
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