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  1. Your a good hubby Ira... I do EVERYTHING...but then i'm home all day, and our kids are grown and on their own...Hubby brings home the check, and gives it to me...so no complaints here. I'm sure your wife appreciates everything you do.
  2. I really like Hungry Eyes...I love the way Eric sings it... it dosn't bother me that he didn't write it....I agree with Marvin, without Hungry Eyes, there might have been no..Make Me lose Control...and that is my all time favorite by Eric...I listen to it at least once if not more everyday.
  3. Remember their variety show?...I liked those guys...I would pay to go see them
  4. I think if we all agreed on the same things, life would be pretty boring...I never take offense to someones opinion....I love these kind of threads, it gets your mind thinking...
  5. I'll be watching Ira...your Jake sounds like a fine young man...God Bless
  6. Mike and Wendy...I have that on my YouTube favorites ............Hey Wendy...I also love the version The Bay City Rollers did of Lets Pretend... ..Your Ian is a cutie Thou I have to admit, I had the hots for Eric I think Kyle did a great job, its not an easy song to sing
  7. Bravo Tv Had a Clint Eastwood marathon today...I love Clint Eastwood, as an actor. and a director....I love "Mystic River"...a good movie directed by him, starring Sean Penn
  8. Marvin..according to Wikipedia it reached #3 in April of 1979 here. another great tune Thanks
  9. Oh my god memories...Donny Osmond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsn4KZkUBeg&feature=related Sorry if I'm posting too many...I'm having a 70's moment....AAAAHHHHthe 70's... Good one John...I forgot about that one
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZR1YPRim_Y Another favorite...Paul Davis
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMam3TYbWeU one of my favorites...Andy Kim
  12. Kathy Lee..How I found out, was I asked my son what he was buying Linh(his girlfriend) for Christmas..At first he said he didn't know. I said to him "Isn't it about time you put a ring on her finger?"...Thats when he told me of his plan he's going to give her the ring on the morning of the 24th, So then she can show it off to both families...She is a girly girl, so I can't wait for her reaction...I'm really happy for both of them...they are like two peas in a pod...
  13. When I was small, I use to wait for the TV shows. The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, A charlie Brown Christmas...Now they are on DVD,...we always gatherer on the 24th Christmas Eve..we always have a buffet type dinner, opening gifts, visiting with relatives, jut having a great time... My favorite songs were from a Holiday Album of my Dad"s....Mitch Miller and of course we always read "The night before Christmas" Most of My family is still in R.I., so my Hubby. Sons, Grandsons, and my Mom(my Dad passed on 2 years ago) still celebrate this way...On Christmas day we gather at our older Son's house to see what Evan and Daniel recieved from Santa...Christmas will be special this year, because my younger son David is going to get engaged He is buying his girl a lovely ring, and is going to pop the question to her on Christmas day....they have been going together for 2 years.
  14. Scary thought huh...that maybe SOME people knew more than they let on.
  15. I went to school with a boy named Dana...He hated it, everyone used to make fun of him.....Just adding my 2 cents to this post, and my name also could be used either way, I blame my parents for all my problems ...
  16. Thats Cool...I agree, I wish we could all just get along in a peaceful world
  17. Happy Birthday Ernie I hope you have a wonderful Day
  18. I remember seeing the Geritol ads on tv when Larence Welk was on I use to hate that show as a kid, but about 5 years ago PBS ran a marathon of Larence Welk shows and I actually enjoyed watching them It hit me then, that I was getting old
  19. When I use to drive a schoolbus, at the bus compound we had a feral cat problem...a bunch of the bus drivers chipped in, and we trapped them, and got them spayed and neutered...we found a great Vet, that charged us only $15.00 each cat..we ended up with about 10 cats being "fixed" of course this was about 10 years ago, so I'm sure it would cost alot more now, but it was so worth it.
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