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  1. I'm so sorry Chris...you did the right thing, Rascal had a long happy life, and it was time for him to take a rest..He will be waiting for you someday at the "Rainbow Bridge" God Bless
  2. Wendy...Have a blast Your Sis will be there with you in spirit
  3. Awesome Kirk..Tweety truly is a match maker..who can resist that cute little birdie
  4. My new avatar of "Tweety" brings back a funny story, that I thought I would share. I have always loved Tweety bird...and I had a pink shirt with a big tweety on it back in the early 80's....I was wearing it the night I met my husband...He asked me why I liked Tweety so much, and I remarked that I thought Tweety was so cute and loveable...He said...yes, its fitting.."just like you" Those words melted my heart almost 29 years ago...they still do today, and with his recent illness, makes me love him even more...first words out of his mouth after surgery and after the ventilator was removed..was..."We did it Tweety" ...I melted all over again
  6. I would definitely go see them Wendy.. it would be a tribute to your sister....I so love the Monkees..maybe I'll be able to catch them someday..
  7. Shelley


    Paulie...we have been together almost 29 years and it has been quite a ride...He knows what I do, its out of love....and he is finally ready to make changes in his life that I have been asking him to do for years
  8. Shelley


    Hi Everyone..I have been MIA... My Hubby had a Heart attack in the beginning of May, he ended up having a Quadruple Bypass.. This came on all of a sudden...he had what he thought was indigestion, turned out it was his heart, anyway he is home recovering..I am playing Nursemaid. He will be out of work until the middle of July...after 40 years of smoking, He finally gave it up..the day he went into the hospital. He is only 51....His blood sugars are under control(He is a diabetic)and he has lost 18lbs....I am in control now ...I told him if he dosn't listen to me now, I'll throw his a$$ out
  9. OMG..that is sad...so many things going on lately...I pray all those in these disasters find comfort
  10. Happy Birthday Kiwi..Sorry I'm late
  11. In the words of my beloved Dad...."That(Elizabeth Taylor)was a Classy Dame." I Thought she was a "Class Act" all the way
  12. My Barbie married GI Joe and they lived happily ever after in their dream house. I remember getting mini books in Cracker jAcks
  13. GREAT NEWS Miriam...Congratulations on the big win..Glad you had a good time...And I am so happy your Mama is coming along
  14. Happy Birthday Miriam..I hope you get pampered and spoiled on your special day..you deserve it Mama Make sure you feed TJ lots of cake
  15. I love Chuck Norris...Hubby loves Steven Segal...He's ok,but I like Chuck better..Delta Force was my favorite movie of his
  16. Well, I have lived in Florida for 18 years...I would never pass for a southern belle...for one, I still have that "damn" yankee accent(Rhode Island..We do not believe in r's at the end of a word, and ing endings become in) and attitude..My Mouth would make a sailor blush when I get angry I wear white shoes when I want to. I have neither miracle whip nor mayonaise in my fridge..I hate them both. I wouldn't touch a deviled egg with a ten foot pole The only one I call sweety or honey is my hubby, and if you call me Sweety or Honey, I am liable to tell you..I have a name(Yankee attitude thing)use it. Southern Belles..are great...but the whole southern belle thing is not my cup of tea..I would rather have a damn beer
  17. I Love Celine...I would go see her show in a heart beat if I were in Vegas...I just don't like her rendition of ABM..but she is a wonderful singer and entertainer, and I might add very nice in person..I had the pleasure of meeting her while visiting Miami a few years ago...we were at the same restaurant..she was very gracious..I was in awe...I so wished I had a camera at that moment.
  18. Great Video..it is amazing what "Mother Nature" can do...anytime...anywhere.
  19. I'm Happy For you Miriam...I hope you Mom continues to improve..Bless her heart..She is a fighter.
  20. I am a Mustard kind of girl...hot, sweet, honey(hummm..Describes me ) I love it all
  21. I've seen it Paulie its a good commercial...and for the record I HATE Miracle Whip and Mayonaise
  22. Eric's...MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL....that will cure anything
  23. Congratulations...That is awesome
  24. Sorry I'm late..Hope your Birthday was Great
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