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  1. ok..deep breath...just my opinion for what it is worth.,.Lew, and James are not being disrespectful...they are being Lew and James, a beloved part of these forums...sometimes it takes a while to get use to their humor, but hey..if it offends..just skip the post...we have a lot of characters on this forum..speaking of which where is Tommy Tunes and Tony Cartmill....Bernie keeps us all on track..and Eric has a great sense of humor..he has put out a lot of zingers himself.. Peace
  2. Eric didn't write the song, but I love the line from Hungry Eyes"..."I need you to see, this love was meant to be"....the way he sings that line makes me tingle all over From ..."Make me lose Control"...."Take me over the edge..make me lose control" From... "Let's Pretend"...." So take me now..my love can't wait".... From..."It hurts to much".."you say you'll never leave and then your gone again "..and the way he sings "it hurts too much" at the end of the chorus From.."Go all the way"....the very first line..."I never knew how complete love could be..til she kissed me and said..baby please go all the way" From.."I want to hear it from your lips"..the whole song..WOOHOO From.."All by Myself"...the first line.."When I was young, I never needed anyone, making love was just for fun, those days are gone" there are more, but these are my favorites...off to listen to EC
  3. Happy Birthday..Hope it's great
  4. I saw that article...Carlos Santana..His heart is in the right place...
  5. Belated Happy Birthday Vera..hope it was great
  6. Happy Birthday..Hope it was great
  7. Great Article Would Love to see EC on tour
  8. OMG..that is great...Love David Foster..He is one talented man...you too Pat...Congratulations
  9. Will definitely check this out..Thanks
  10. OMG...I forgot about this picture..My two favorite hotties Eric and David I was able to meet David after a concert a quite few years ago....I told him I waited for him, but he never showed up so instead I married my Hubby and named my second born son after him..David got a good laugh out of that..he told me.."poor kid" to have that stigma attached to his name I loved the both of them, but David seemed to be more approachable because of 'The Partridge Family' I knew I would never have a chance with EC ..such were the thoughts of this young teenage girl AHHHHH MEMORIES
  11. "GO ALL THE WAY".... I have told this story before...I was just a young teen when this song came out, I was listening to it in my room and my Dad happened to catch the chorus...He stopped dead in his tracks and asked me if I knew what they were singing about..I answered him.."yeah Dad..they are talking about sex..you know..going all the way"...I though he was going to die ..He walked over to my record player, grabbed the 45 and broke it in half Next day I walked up to Ben Franklin's(Store) and bought myself another copy from that time on, I only listened to it with headphones on Geese..parents
  13. Nice Job Bernie...Love the new look
  14. Love it..Thanks Bernie
  15. "It hurts too much" would be a hit for her for sure..she has the voice to carry it
  16. She was a tortured soul for a long time..I think the death of her boyfriend 2 weeks ago put her over the edge..such a shame she has a 6 year old and a 10 month old....RIP Mindy
  17. I joined in 2008, but I have been absent for most of the past year and a half...I still Love EC and am glad we have this message board to come to..(Thanks Bernie)now that my life has calmed down a bit, I hope to post more. PS..just sent my donation to help keep this site going
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