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  1. Kirk,I lived in Oxnard, and worked in Camarillo....I have to agree with you its a beautiful place, Hubby still has relatives in Ventura...He would move back there in a heartbeat....but I won't go, because my 2 boys and Grandkids are here. California is AWESOME...everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime
  2. James...I had no idea You truely are American Royalty
  3. My Hometown is Warwick R.I, I spent the first 21 years of my life there....lets see We have Johnson and Wales university, one of the best culinary arts schools in america...Chef Emeril Lagasse is a graduate Dells Lemonade...its frozen lemonade, the best lemonade anywhere. Walts Roast beef....Forget Arby's or Lions Choice...this is a super roast beef sandwich. GhostHunters the SyFi ghost hunting team are based in Warwick, R.I....that huge old building they always show on camera is Warwick City Hall. We use to have Rocky Point...A big amusement park, it was awesome...but its closed now...they had some great Clamcakes and Chowder In Newport we have the old Mansions...its a beautiful city, alot of history in R.I. Its one of the original 13 colonies, and I'm a decendent of the founder Roger Williams... Alot of other stuff too.
  4. Wish I was Closer...I would be there for sure...Have fun Ira
  5. First they need to cut off their "appendage", then stick them in a cell with "BUBBA"
  6. Duane, thanks for the update, and I hope your wife has a speedy and Complete recovery...My Hubby has Diabetes, so I can relate to what your going through...God Bless both of you..Take Care
  7. Duane...You and your family are in my Prayers..God Bless
  8. Miracles DO happen... ....I LOVE Betty White, I hope when I'm her age I have her MOJO....she is awesome
  9. Happy Birthday Miriam...Have a great time in LV
  10. Hope your feeling better Vera...god Bless
  11. I agree with you Ira, this place is the best And John, I have to agree with Rob...If I ever need therapy...Your the man
  12. Miriam..My Boys know what my wishes are, I have made it perfectly clear to them how I feel,and they are ok with it...hopefully when my time comes I'll go peacefully in my sleep, but if not..I have a plan..and they will honor my wishes I'm sure....
  13. Roses are red green is the grass James is Hot and has a nice A$$
  14. Ira, I was really close to my Dad..I was a Daddys" Girl :)My Mom and I never got along until I was married with Kids of my own....After watching my Dad suffer for 1 1/2 years with CHF, and now my Mom with COPD...I have to agree with you, there is no way I'm going to put my boys through this...when I get to the point I can't take care of myself, I'll mix a "Cocktail" and go to sleep ...Its very hard to watch loved ones slip away
  15. I had Veggie Sushi....Hubby had a steak sandwich
  16. Its really too bad that these young people get involved with drugs and booze...all it does is screw up your life, and sometimes turns tragic like in Corey's case....
  17. I totally know what you are going through Ira...My Mom has Dementia...its hard to watch her slip away, I just cherish the time we have left together, and when the good Lord calls her home, I know she will be OK, reunited with my Dad again.
  18. James, I've told this story before. When "Go All the Way" came out I was a preteen, I loved Eric and The Raspberries, I was playing the 45 on my record player, singing along with the song, and my Dad heard me...He came over turned the volume down and said to me.."Do you know what that song is about"?....I said.."yeah Dad..Sex"...well my Dad "lost it", he grabbed the record off the turntable and broke it in half...He told me.."Don't let me catch you listening to that garbage again"....The next day I walked up to Ben Franklins..(it was like woolworths at the time)and brought a new copy of "Go all the way" from that point on, I listened to it with the ear phones..A couple of years later he was listening to "All by myself" playing, and he made the comment that it was a beautiful song...I laughed and asked him if he remembered the "Go all the way" incident...He did...When I told him it was the same singer...he was dumbfounded I miss my Dad..He was a riot
  19. Thats Great John, Glad you had a good time...Taylor is a class act...I'd love to see Paul play in person.
  20. Jay, I'm very sorry for your loss...I'll keep you and your family in my prayers...God Bless
  21. Happy Birthday Dave...Have a great one
  22. Love it Miriam lets see...I'm a sunflower and hubby is night blooming jasmine(don't ask )
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