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  2. Better late than never Hope it was great
  3. Agree to all the above...but have to add I LOVE BAILEYS IRISH CREME...(half bottle gone already )
  4. Was I the only one that wished Barnanus would "kiss" my neck????
  5. SWEET GEEZUS...Glad I wasn't in the front row, I would have pulled him off the stage and smothered him with kisses...ERIC=HOTNESS
  6. How sad, I'll keep them in my prayers..be safe
  7. Happy Birthday Eric...Hope you have a blast...May you enjoy many more too...We LOVE you
  8. Hey Paulie, Glad you found out the cause of your problem...I've kind of taking a break from posting too...just not alot to say these days Heres to a speedy recovery
  9. I collect "CATS", I'm not trying to do it, but I swear every homeless cat within a 100 miles of me knows where to come to get a meal and a pat on the head....I had a pregnant female give birth in my recycle bucket I took her and the kitties to the vet...the kitties were nursed and adopted out, and the mama cat was spayed and returned home with me....She is now my "guard" cat....she lives outside under my orange tree For the record...I have 2 indoor kitties, and my son's Black Lab
  10. Phil Collins is HOT in my book..especially when he has a hat on....oh Geezus hotness...I love guys in hats... I forgot Sean Connery on my list...That guy is HOT..I love the beard.. I LOVE guys with facial hair..My Hubby has a mustache and gotee, we have been together 28 years, and he has only shaved them once..I hated it when he did it....I love the "scruffy" look
  11. My "Hottie over 50 list" Eric Carmen, Steve Perry, Phil Collins,David Cassidy, Rick Springfield, George Clooney,Michael Douglas,..the list goes on..these guys were HOT when they were younger, but like a fine wine...They get better with age...HOTNESS On the other side..I have a fondness for actor Alex O'loughlin..the actor that was in "Moonlight", and who will be starring in the new Hawaii 5 O..This guy is HOT, but I must control myself...He is only a few years older than my oldest son..That is SO wrong in my book
  12. What did you play with then???....Never mind don't answer that...this thread will have to be moved to Cartoon World then
  13. Happy Birthday Danny...Have a great one
  14. I had about 10 of them, maybe a few more, I kept trying to give them Haircuts...Not Good
  15. Happy Belated Birthday Chris..Hope it was good
  16. Happy Birthday Anna...Hope its great
  17. Happy Birthday Ira..Hope its great
  18. Sure Steve My Barbie left Ken for GI Joe, she couldn't resist a doll in uniform, they got married had 2 kids, and lived happily ever after in my Doll house Wendy is right Ken is Gay
  19. Happy Birthday Pat...Have a super day
  20. RAP AND HIP HOP ARE MUSIC??? I thought it was just alot of noise Tommy James is a favorite of mine ...He makes MUSIC
  21. He sure was a cutie back then....now he's...HOT HOT HOT
  22. "Make Me Lose Control"....yeah...as much as I love hearing EC at the piano singing his slow tunes....I lose control when he's rocking with his guitar belting out those hits...gives me goosebumps
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