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  1. Happy Birthday Duane ...Enjoy your day
  2. Have A Happy Birthday Paulie Enjoy your special day
  3. Wendy, I'm so sorry...regards to you and your Family..May Gods Comfort get you through this.
  4. I'm so sorry Darlene...He is home with God now...no more pain
  5. Congratulations Tony...now please don't mess her up too much in life OK
  6. Aventurine...I will continue to pray for a Complete recovery...be thankful they caught it early enough...take care of yourself and eat healthy...it will speed your recovery..God Bless
  7. We had a lovely day at our sons house, ate and drank way to much...but had a great time with the Grandsons ...I just love being a Nana
  8. Aventurine, I hope you have good news...I'll be praying for you
  9. Glad to know you guys are safe
  10. Prayers coming your way..hang in there Wendy..God Bless
  11. Happy Birthday Tony You always make me laugh.. And "Chicks dig Tony too"
  12. Happy Birthday Darlene...Enjoy your special day
  13. Happy Birthday Clayton...I hope you have an awesome day
  14. My Favorite Beatle tunes 1..All My Loving 2...I feel Fine 3...Please Please me 4...Your gonna lose that girl 4...I wanna hold your hand 5...Yesterday 6...A little help from my friends 7...Lucy in the sky with Diamonds 8...Help(its my cell phone ringer} 9...Hey Jude 10...Mr Postman
  15. Jerry...that photo of grandmas house is about the same distance to the canal I live on...
  16. Gators are a normal part of life for us here in Florida...we live on a canal, and sometimes I'll see a gator or 2 sunning themselves on the bank of the canal..for the most part they will not bother you..it is against the law to feed them..if you feed them they might mistake YOU for food ...The Key is being aware..any place there is fresh water here, there might be gators...
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