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  1. Thanks for the BD wishes everyone...I am going to ride my golf cart down to the store to get some geritol..then its over to the senior center for bingo and lunch, then home for a nap.... :lol:  YEAH RIGHT...Shelley is my name...RAISING HELL is my game :D

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  2. Hey, Shelley, glad to see you checking back in!!!  Happy Birthday ---



    So go grab a partner, and get a little feisty --- DO AN ALLURING TANGO!!!!



    Best wishes to ya ---




    6  6


    Ty Anne..I check in often..many times I just don't have much to say... :unsure:

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  3. SUMMER means hiding inside the house with the AC....97 degrees with 100% humidity.....no thanks.....Florida in the winter time is great, but I hate the summers, I do not go to the beach, sitting in a chaise lounge baking in the sun is not my idea of relaxing, besides too much sun is bad for the skin....I guess I'm a "Debbie Downer"

    On the bright side, Hubby and I will be moving back to San Diego in 3 years when he retires....WOOHOO..Seaport Village is calling me :)

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  4. Come on guys admit it.....you like Boone's farm strawberry hill wine...who didn't drink that in high school :P some good memories from that stuff :blush2:

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  5. Very Interesting

    Personally, I hate red wine, I love moscato, and the cheap fruity wines like Arbor Mist, I have half a bottle of white zinfandel exotic fruit blend in the fridge right now. :) I also like wine coolers, and beer..I'm a cheap date ;)


    Note to self...finish that bottle of wine tonight

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  6. My 2 cents:

    It´s my belief that females are at their best when they are fetching beer for their men.  They´re not only at their best, but they´re at their happiest. Probably because they´re pretty good at beer fetching.  Though some still have to learn not to get in the way of the TV when they´re beer fetching.  But that´s really a whole other issue...

    Anyway, to prove my general point here, I´ll tell you a story:  I´ve got a female friend who is big in NOW.  She told me a little secret and asked me not to tell, but I´m telling anyway.

    She said..(listen up you guys)...that at their national conventions, when the TV cameras and journalists have left, ...she said the NOW girls then let their hair down, feel free to be their true selves,...and then blast the real NOW anthem, sung by The Who.  And guess what this NOW anthem is?

    You guessed it,  it´s:   "Lew, Reign o´er me"...


    It´s true.

    Females may pretend to want to be independent, and strong,.. yada, yada, yada.....but down deep they all just wanna fetch beers for Lew.

    The End.


    I am going to have to plead the fifth on this one too :o  (Lord please keep your hand over my mouth) ::yikes::

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  7. I suggest James be voted to "Half Wit" as he's obviously not bright enough to be a village idiot.  :eye:   Be gentle with him, Shelley, and see to it he doesn't harm himself or others . . . we need to get him a helmet, he needs to protect his head from further damage.  ::yikes:: 

    (If he gets much worse, he'll have to be demoted down to "Dim Wit" and restrained in the stocks in the middle of the village square.)


    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:


    :)  ..James and Lew are way out of my league(not really but they think so), so as one of the village idiots, I am pleading the fifth when it comes to James..He and I go way back, when I was trying to join his harem(that is a whole other story)...James is :king: in my book(or at least I let him think so)...So I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show ;)

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  8. As one of the village Idiots..I am not touching that survey with a ten foot poll :P ...As for the Marvin issue, this village idiot thinks it has "Gone all the way" and needs to be put to rest.

    Carry on Lew ;)

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  9. Ok, the above is one of the most entertaining pieces ever written by anyone.  It should have had its own thread.  I´m bumping as a public service my fellow human beings.  :-)


    I second the motion....signed ~Shelley~ AKA ~Village Idiot~

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  10. YAY.. I'm a village idiot :insane:(I have been called much worst ;)  ) ..Lew you made my day,  it is an honor to be recognized by you, but please spell my name correctly :P ..I stand by what I said before..You are a piece of work ;)

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  11. Welcome back returning EC.com members!!! I hope you are here to stay. But if you move on again, please, take Lew with you.



    Lew is harmless...I tell you he has made me spit out my coffee a couple of times..now I make sure my mouth is empty when I read his posts :D

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