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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Robyn... Hope it was great!!
  2. Sorry this is belated, but hope your Birthday was everything you dreamed of!!!!
  3. Has anyone ever heard the track or seen the video of Hank Williams Jr and Sr doing "Tear In My Beer" together? I always thought that was a classy way to remake the song.
  4. My family things I've lost my mind I am laughing so much!!! Great one Tony!!!
  5. So... where did you end up eating last night missm??
  6. Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you, to you to you Ole'!!!!!
  7. Great article.... Congratulations Paul on what has to be a very exciting and fun time in your life!!!
  8. Wendy, it looks like you had a great time (although something tells me you would have a great time anywhere... and make sure everyone around you was having fun too!!).... Anyway, in my nursing career, I have been lucky enough to have worked with a plastic surgeon who specialized in gender changes (my TRUE love is cardiothoracic and trauma... love the gore... and it is really sexy nursing).... but my time spent with this surgeon was really interesting. The physical changes that occur are one thing, but getting to know these folks was a real eye opening experience, and they are all so very interesting. The situations that bring them to the point of undergoing such a change are so individualized. I have found this population of patients one of my favorite thus far in my career, again, just because they are very interesting people typically with a great personality!!
  9. Salmon grilled with Teryaki Sauce, Rice and Beans.... yummy!!
  10. Wendy's is ALWAYS good.... sometimes it is good too often!!! Slight problem tonight though, Timmy (our Boxer), found my husband's and ate it before he got home from work.... I had to cook something anyway!! Aw well, every now and and then I do have to be reminded of my wifely duties!!!
  11. I Can Remember - A DEFINITE Favorite!!!! Although I hold "Starting Over" right up there as well...... To be honest, I absolutely love everything he sings...
  12. I definiteyl agree Shelley... the best thing for those kids is to kick the cameras and media out of their lives... maybe not forever, but at least for now....
  13. Took the lazy way out tonight.... Wendy's for all!!
  14. My blood runs black and gold, although with the way the Steelers' season is shaping up thus far, I think I have to add blue to that mix.... Let's face it , they didn't play their best game in the season kick off... squeaked by for a win. With Polamalu out, our defense is hurting.... I don't like it, the comparison between the 2006 season (following super bowl win #5) and this season (following super bowl win #6) is too eerie. I hope Tomlin can pull this team together post superbowl win better than Cowher did.
  15. Like the Byrds..... Couldn't help but notice this great early 70's group called the Raspberries isn't on that list???? On a serious note, some artists prefer not to listen to themselves (or watch themselves if they are an actor).... what is your preference sir?
  16. Ummm, Uhhhh, Hmmm,Mmmm, ooooh My God I believe I am speechless (and that says ALOT)!
  17. Chris, Dianed is right.... never feel ashamed when you are making positive moves for yourself and your family. Best of luck. I have a brother in law who is much like you (as you describe yourself, he is a very mild mannered, very caring and sweet person, never ill tempered). It took many many years for him and my sister to come to grips with the fact that his several beers every night was not normal and not healthy, but it was habit he learned from childhood. Recognizing the problem is the most important part of recovery. Now you are taking the wonderful steps necessary. Best of luck, lean on us here if you need to!!!
  18. I have never heard of the Teenage Fan Club... I might have to pull them up on youtube. I do like the comparison... it does show where true talent rides the wave of time. I ESPECIALLY like the reference to the "hip hugging, denim wearing constantly grooving woman in her late forties put it 'having the time of our lives' ". While it is sometimes really hard to believe that we are in our "late forties", aren't we all having the time of our lives? We are even embracing the modern technology of our late 40's world... that is how most of us have come to meet each other AND how we are able to get to know Eric like we always wanted to 20 and 30 years ago????
  19. Matt, may God give you and your family strength through this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Tammy
  20. Headed to the Indiana County Fair.... love those funnel cakes!!! On Monday I will flying out to Chicago on Monday evening for a week long conference...Miracle Mile Here I Come!!!
  21. Happy Birthday Darlene from Steelers Country!!!
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