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  1. Wendy, it turned out WONDERFUL... Sorry I am one of the technically challenged ones. You are quite a creative and talented lady (as well warm, sweet and so much fun). Bernie, and all of us, are lucky to have such a friend!!! And BTW, Happy Birthday Bernie!!!
  2. Kirk, Do they play any full length Raspberries Songs? Would love to hear their version... the GATW Intro wasn't toooooo bad (although nothing beats Wally's intro)
  3. Brilliant in both in his writing of musical compositions and writing the lyrics to go with them......
  4. Shelley, I couldn't agree more.... he has given us so much and has touched so many of our lives both through his music and by becoming friends with us (albeit virtually for many of us). If he would come out with something new, I would love to hear an original classical piece from Eric, for 2 reasons.... to hear what his brilliant musical talent would produce and second watch him perform the piece. One of my favorite things in regards to Eric is to watch him perform on the piano.... I do miss his interaction with us and hope everyday he comes back. I worry about what is happening with him (just as I would worry about any friend that I am not hearing from) and am always looking for any news that tells us he is doing well.
  5. I wonder how the seduction scene back at Brad's place would go... Bernie, could you indulge us with a "sequel".... you know, one that shows how GATW can add pizazz to what would otherwise be a snorer of a love scene (without getting graphic of course)...
  6. Steelers 37 Opponent ...... Oh yeah, now reality sets in*(D**#$^& Although disappointed, I have to honestly say that my beloved Steelers did not play like world champions and absolutely did not deserve to make the play offs. Mr. Tomlin needs to get his "kids" back on track during the off season. I predict the Chergers to take all in the long run.
  7. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Bernie.... you have given us so much.... I still have a big squeezy hug waiting for you if we ever get the chance to meet!!!
  8. Homecoming Home Improvements (Real Men Don't Need Instructions!) The X Files From my "childhood" Days: Mr. Ed The Brady Bunch The Partridge Family
  9. Topping anything with cheese always works
  10. Sir Tommy, Here is one I like to cook for company Chicken Breasts, deboned and skinless Mix eggs and a little milk, dip the chicken breasts in that. Then bread the breasts with a flour, bread crumb and parmesan mixture Pan fry the coated chicken breasts in butter just until the breading is cooked and chicken starts to brown Place them in a baking dish, cover and place in the oven at 250 for 4-5 hours Make a light cheese/hollandaise sauce and pour over the cooked chicken. Mind you, this is not fordieters but it is really good and worth EVERY calorie!!
  11. It's good to see that good music still makes the lists!!!
  12. Do you know what a gal could do with that thick, beautiful hair? Well, I can think of a lot of things, but I ain't saying. Here here Wendy!!! My fantasies that revolve around Eric always include something with his gorgeous locks!!!!
  13. Bernie Words could never describe the incredible experience you have provided to me by creating and keeping this board. #1 is of course the chance to get to know Mr. EC, if only in the cyber sense... but running a very close second is the wonderful people I have met on this board. A simple thanks is all I can say right now, but if we ever get a chance to meet at a future EC or Raspberries event.... I have a big squeezy hug waiting for you!!!
  14. Did anyone else sleep through The Ball dropping??? I didn't even wake up when our neighbors shot their guns!!! What a wimp!@$#!#
  15. Shelly, Been off the board for the past few weeks... sounds like you have been through a trying time... but it sounds like your mom has a strong will and that is better than any medicine that man made!!! Thinking of you in the New Year and hoping your mom is home soon!!
  16. Caught you on Facebook to wish you Happy Birthday... but seems only right to say it here as well!!! Hope your day was special!!!
  17. Uh, um, hmmm I am speechless Mr. Cartmill... orgasms and mouth in the same sentence... better not touch that one!!!!
  18. hehehehe.... BTW, I would love to see a "sending you a Christmas Smooch" picture from some of you guys!?!?!?
  19. We have a Boxer named Timmy... like a Chihuahua, Boxer's kind of have those faces "only a mother can love"!!!
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