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  1. Not bad, not bad at all. I like the beat. I like the voice. I like country. So good job. Is that you singing?
  2. I'll be out at 4:00am Friday at Kohls. Went this morning to see what I want to buy on Friday and it looks like I'm going to get myself a new pair of cute little waterproof rainboots. I need a pair really bad. I'm so excited! What are you going to buy, Laura?
  3. You were in great hands, Eric! Makes no sense to you but I'm swimming in envy! You sure as the hell know how to dress. One hot musician you are.
  4. My guinea pigs are thankful that they have a great mamma! Yum yum, fresh grass, fresh lettuce, and fresh strawberries! I gave them raspberries but they didn't like them. Sorry! Oh but I like them! Keeps the bowels moving. Yes, bowels. Perfect topic for the season, ha ha!
  5. Musicians, actors, directors, royalty -- they can all be snooty at times, I fully agree, and it's no fun when you hear of it or see it for yourself. I'm not famous obviously, but I often wonder if I was, would I be that way, too? God help me if I was. Alright, turning to the Ambrosia tables now.. I am not in favor of any musician changing styles unless their sound is so bad that it needs altering. Let me clarify this just a little. If a band is recording music but not selling any of it, then yes, maybe they ought to change styles a bit. But, if they are selling their music then changing styles could be a big taboo. It's kinda like, don't fix what's not broken. Now, I disagree with you on "musicians need to grow," and maybe I just don't understand what you mean by that. Can you explain that a little more? Do you mean grow in an upward direction, as in an upward swing on a graph? Or do you mean grow as in changing genres? Can you maybe name some examples of a band that grew? How do you define better? Making more money? Attracting a larger fan base? Just so that you know, I personally do not define "better" as making more money or amassing a larger fan base. Heck, rap makes money but it is nothing more than a kid pressing some buttons in a recording studio. I don't know, Billy. Music to me has always remained on a horizontal level -- some songs are good, some are not so good, but to change genres is a very drastic thing in my opinion. If you want to talk improved music, you could take a plain song (I didn't say a BAD song) and add some instrumentals to it. A good example of this would be Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine." A great, great song without any extras. Agreed? Okay good. The song doesn't need extras to sound better. Bill playing the guitar alone is fine. But, to "improve" this song you could add more instrumentals to it. Still, that would be improving music, not improving personal growth, so, I guess I'm still a little confused. One last thing. I'd take Ambrosia over Hall & Oats.
  6. I thought the same thing, Kirk, but popped in anyways to see what's cooking. Well woo-hoo for the young boys. Woo-hoo for Eric too. I love hearing about his work still being used in various things.
  7. I should add to my signature 'once a fan always a fan.' Amazing how long these guys have been performing. Thanks for sharing Raspbernie!
  8. I know what you mean about incredible energy, Barbara. I love it when I attend large events that make people excited. You can feel the energy of everybody and it's just great.
  9. Mine past. Will have to wait until next year.
  10. Ah we have a late one posted. Happy B-Day Missy!
  11. Got gas this evening. Price is lookin real good, $1.58/gal. Pretty soon I won't have any excuse not to show up.
  12. MJ - As a child I listened to Tom Jones, Mary Poppins, Carole King, and Elvis, to name a few that I remember and stand out in my mind. I am not entirely certain whether my mother bought them because I liked them or because she liked them. I guess that part doesn't matter, or does it.
  13. G -- being a teacher is totally okay with me! Looks like I need one!
  14. Oh I see what you mean then, G, after seeing Hollies explanation. I need to be educated in the way of the Beatles. Okay. And fair enough. Now what I'd like to understand more of is why I should know more about their music? This is an honest question, not a sarcastic one, ok? I do know Eric was inspired by the Beatles, I remember reading that. Other than that is their a musical reason, something else I'm missing?
  15. Oh Bessie I hope they come back.
  16. Educated in Beatles? Ok I missed that point?
  17. Yeah I know G. I'm just not a huge Beatle fan so I got them wrong. What can I say???
  18. Wow. I only got one correct, the first one. I need to get a life don't I. http://quiz-challenge.com/?quiz_id=eb3ea...CFQhMGgod-3AB-A
  19. I heard that song one day when I was shopping for greeting cards. Then the next day I heard it again while I was driving somewhere. That song stayed in my head for 4 days.
  20. Another of my favorite youtube videos just got clipped! It's such a bummer! I have noticed that many youtube videos hold out of this world quality sound and also I can hear clearly, the instruments played. I may not hear well but I know a quality song when I hear it. Yes there are about 4 other videos playing the same song but they sound like shit. They take away the good ones. That's dumb real dumb. Yeah -- copyright copyright. Blah blah....
  21. Hello Billy K. I am curious. Can you explain to me in what way(s) you think Ambrosia tries to convince? The reason I ask is because I've always loved Ambrosia and have always felt that they never needed to convince anybody because David Pack is a very talented musician who's got a very flexible vocal column. In my boat, being able to sing octaves puts you into a cut above the rest. Pack won a Grammy and is Producer & Music Director to Global Events.
  22. George Lopez cracks me up. And several people on here crack me up. You are one of them, Ira.
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