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  1. Worst song in musical history Last night I made it a point to watch that Time-Life advertisement again because I wanted to catch the name of a band that does this really horrible song. It's Extreme "More Than Words." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt7L4X4li_k This song is a dead song. It has no life! Just a couple of newbies doing a song on the acoustic. Nice voices but dead song. I know Kansas did a song on accoustic but at least they added the violin and there's more life to that song than this one. Kansas did a great job. How the count is 9 million for this dead song beats the heck out of me. This is the song I spoke about on On November 25, 2008 08:00 PM to BillyK and I incorrectly thought it was an Eric Clapton song but it wasn't. My original thoughts on the song were correct though -- this song was done by new musicians who are from nowheresville.
  2. Yes I noticed that about the year, that they were advertising 80's music when the title of the collection was for 70's music. There were plenty of other songs in the collection that were clearly from the 80's. At the time of my post I did not think to add that tidbit. They also included ABM in this collection. Didn't know that until after my post. I highly doubt Time-Life contacted all these musicians to ask if they could put a collection together. They probably just put "the check in the mail." Nice for Eric and his family.
  3. Eric's 'Hungry Eyes' was advertised last night by Time-Life's Collection of Rock Ballads. The clip they used to advertise Eric and his song was this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzafZgYzOoQ He's singing live in 1987. (If you're interested in purchasing this dynamite collection of 153 songs from the 70's here's the number 800 406-5757.)
  4. Nice to see someone who can see what I can see, or rather hears what I can hear....
  5. Marvin, thanks for the info on Henley. He was another one that confused me, but I see from your post that he gets into a little bit of everything. I got a question for you, or for anybody for that matter. Can you give me an example of a 'country-rock' song? Any specific definition come to mind on that one?
  6. You're very welcome for posting 'Still Loving You.' If there's a link to the version you mention with the blistering guitar at the end can you post the link here? I'd love to see it. Thank you also, for informing me of the reason that song is so sad. I understand now why it is, the way it is, and it doesn't make me like the song any less. In fact I can appreciate it now even more that you've given me the story behind it. One more thing. I learned just last night that ballads sung by rock bands are called 'rock ballads!!!!!!' That was cool. Now I know what their official names are. I love learning new stuff!
  7. I listened to both songs and they are as similar as being one and the same song. Good or bad (and I think Satriani's song is good) -- copyright is copyright, and as a person who has written a couple of things I wouldn't hesitate to sue too, if someone copied my stuff without quoting.
  8. Received this in my Inbox Dec 4: Writer/Director Vin Morreale, Jr. has been asked to teach a 2-hour seminar on Screenwriting at the upcoming CINEFEST '08 - Motion Picture Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to having sold material to network and cable TV, Vin has written 19 feature film scripts to date; a number of which have been optioned, won festival awards, or produced as independent films. The Screenwriting Workshop will be held on Saturday, December 6, from 12:30pm to 2:30pm, at the Hartford Building on the downtown Louisville campus of Jefferson Community Technical College (Formerly JCC), at the corner of 1st and Broadway. Cinefest '08 is a TWO day event beginning on Friday, Dec 5th through Saturday, Dec 7th. Ticket price includes all seminars and movies. Cost: $15.00 for non students (two days) Cost: $10.00 for students (two days) www.cine-fest.com For more information, please contact: Troy Johnson (502) 554-1388, email: troy@cine-fest.com or Scott Davis (502) 741-8893 or email: scott@cine-fest.com
  9. I am thinking about today and I will not be able to make it. I am so buried in schoolwork -- its the end of the semester and finals begin late next week. I'll PM you with my telephone number so that I can say hello to you all. I'm also just a bit under the weather from stress from school but I should be ok soon. We have a light snow on the ground this morning. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas? See you all later. Miss you.
  10. Dirty rats -- the both of ya!
  11. Slaughterhouse? I'm outta here! Oh Ira ......
  12. Nice photo. Guess they weren't hiking or anything. They're a little too dressed up for that. Thanks for sharing Raspbernie!
  13. Hi Reid, It's been a long time since I've seen Laurel and Hardy. All I can remember was seeing them run parallel to Gilligan and the Skipper -- hitting each other over the head repeatedly. The Skipper used his hand, and Hardy used a pan, or was it Laurel that used the pan.. I remember thinking "God what a stupid idiot that skinny guy is." They were both just pitiful. :rolleyes:
  14. Marvin - I never did agree with the critics. It's always been my opinion vs theirs, lol. MJ - OMG that was THE funniests part of the movie. The whole thing was well done and in very good taste. This was not slapstick. I hate slapstick. I'd rather drink a cilantro smoothie than see a slapstick.
  15. Ooo, I got a taker! [Packs up bowls and ingredients and heads out the door]
  16. It was hilarious. This was one movie I kept laughing throughout the whole thing. Funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Beats any Jim Carey movie I've seen. Wanted to see Australia but my friend didn't want to see it. 4 Christmases ended being great.
  17. Hey would you like one of my recipes? It's easy to make. Oh don't worry, it doesn't have any poison in it. It's called "Guinea Pig's Egg Noodle Soup."
  18. From wikipedia: "In January 1474, when Bianca was not quite two years old, she married her first cousin Philibert I, Duke of Savoy (7 August 1465- 22 April 1482), the son of her uncle Amadeus IX of Savoy, and Yolande of France.[1]Duke Philibert died in the spring of 1482, leaving Bianca a widow at the age of ten." I think someone made a typo with her age. This is just plain insanity. The girl wasn't even close to puberty yet they married her off. Someone must have been desperate for a wife.
  19. You can serenade me anytime, G!
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