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  1. P.S. I'm not defending Trindy's view because I put myself in the writer's category. It's just that writers write, directors direct, actors act, and musicians make music.
  2. I'm with Trindy. The few critiques I have read, were not written by producers, directors, actors, and musicians, because they aren't writers. Newspapers, magazines, and the media mostly hire writers to critique. So those who have "been there and done that" don't seem to apply here. Also, what about "critics" of praise? Are we going to attack those people too, for not having the right to write something good about someone just because they haven't done it themselves?
  3. Popped in to say Happy Birthday Bahooooooooo. Hope you have a real nice day.
  4. 30 years. That's a long time to know a friend these days. It does feel secure though. Me and my best friend have been friends for 32 years, and it will never change. It's too bad we don't live closer to each other. We were discussing that and it'd be real nice but such is the way in life. I like it here, she likes it there, also for her son.
  5. Oh my dear Hollies. You have such a way with words. Alrighty then, a 'full' Daisy you shall get in a couple of days time.
  6. I just put a roll of film in this morning. We took pics of the Christmas Walk of Fame Lights last night. The roll should be ready around Wednesday. I got an old photo, but its 4 years old. My hair's darker now, and I gained a little. Want the old one or wait til new one. Or both.
  7. Oh, he decided to use the same one? I wonder why?
  8. Wendy thanks for posting this photo. I like seeing who I'm speaking with. Who is Cathy though, spelled with a C?
  9. Ira - I'm part Jewish! (Grandpa's Jewish) Will you and Barb protect me if the hammer comes down on me??
  10. Haven't looked at the link just yet, am on the crappy machine at the moment. I'm with Cartmill (thanks for another laugh). If God gave me the choice between: 1) Intelligence with no tact 2) Dumbness with tact I'd choose number 2 because there's nothing more important than treating people nicely.
  11. I'm shocked that you haven't already seen the cover to your own book.
  12. Well, I HAVE to read "The Art of Mesoamerica" for school, but the very last book I read for pleasure (not for school) was "Born Amish." I am fascinated by them. I started an article on them a while ago but it's not finished. Next on plate for pleasure - "Editing Today." I have a number of books on writing that I want to read. I rarely read fiction.
  13. Hey MJ -- With a title of "911" I don't think this thread is going to take a positive turn.
  14. Wah!Wah! I wanna go! But I don't live near there. I'm all dressed up too. Gonna go get a Christmas Carriage Ride. Have fun, and have a drink for me okay!!!!!!
  15. Maybe he wants to set the record straight.
  16. Wow. What a great story. And amazing that you got your original set of drums back. I know what it feels like to lose a sentimental thing. I once had a sweater that I still think about. Thanks for posting and hail to Jim and his drums! May you live forever! Okay that was kind a corny. Well what the heck else am I going to say. I better stop here. Bye!
  17. Strange.... http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/11/23/massachusetts.piano/index.html
  18. Not sure if you want to stay on the east part of town, but the California coasts are very weather-friendly (was born and raised there). Only thing is, some of the storms could wash right up to your front door. To answer your question though, I do love where I am living. When my son goes off to college I'm not sure where I'll be. My little house is paid for so maybe I'll just stay here and travel the world, don't know.
  19. Cover in gold is striking, whoever designed it. Title is great too. I hope some family stories are in there?? And some stuff about his internal thinking about songwriting and the piano? (my favorite parts) Now if I could just get that bugger to post some more in the music sections....
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