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  1. Sorry but that all sounds like one big hell of a mess.
  2. I wouldn't complain about his mess if I were you -- he may never go in there again!
  3. Oh I guess she threw him into enemy territory! Ha ha.
  4. I've seen Drew and he IS great on that show. Man all that crap he has to put up with. If someone slobbered all over me I'd yell "take your filthy paws off of me!" LOL.
  5. We had slick roads and businesses were closed, but today we had gorgeous 60 degree weather. It was nice not having to scrape off the ice on the car this morning, and didn't really have to turn on the defroster but did anyway.
  6. And that's the way Christmas is supposed to be Ira - a sort of magical affair by itself. I happen to share your romanticized version of Christmas because all of my Christmases have been wonderful.
  7. "Anybody?" Watch out or Hillary will be on your doorstep with her choir singing "O Holy Night!"
  8. The age of the person who devised the list might be a hint as to why the names of those mentioned here in this thread are not on the list. Also, if the person who devised the list did not do a significant amount of research, he/she will be lacking twofold.
  9. Hey Ira. Somebody should create another holiday and call it Christmas II, LOL. That way everyone can celebrate it no matter what religion you are.
  10. My thoughts are with you, JuliaD.
  11. Hey we get an extra photo this week!!! Woo-hoo! Great photo, Rassspppbbberrnniee. Thanks for posting.
  12. I posted that song in the Songs Listened To thread a while ago. It's a great one, and one that is on my playlist and I still listen to.
  13. I think Glen Campbell is considered more of a singer than a guitar player.
  14. I decided to buy my son Guitar Hero for Christmas. I watched him play it this afternoon and he was really good. I was impressed. I asked the store clerk what he plays the most when he goes in to Game Crazy and the clerk said Guitar Hero. So no more of, 'what should I get him for Christmas.' The Christmas guessing game is over.
  15. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I never get depressed or have a hard time of it. I'm fortunate. For what it's worth, Christmas should be a time of cheer, and if there is any difficulty at all, I would say maybe you could find a friend to go have a nice Christmas Eve with and then on Christmas Day if you feel you want to stay home, then by all means do it. Nothing wrong with that. I say just be happy on Christmas Day. Oh and horray for friends like Diane.
  16. Hey Marvin did you have a specific link in mind? The page has general stuff on it.
  17. Hey that would make a GREAT Playboy pinup poster!
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