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  1. I couldn't figure out what you were trying to say until I clicked on the link. It's a book! I wonder what he found out about that song. How did you ever find this book. With it being so obscure he sure had to travel far and wide. Oh, and what 'works' as Keith Jr (your son, I assume?) was saying. What was he saying?
  2. Yes great idea but the date's too far into the future!
  3. P.S. If aliens or whales are "superior," they are spiritually more capable, that's all.
  4. I thought we already have iphones and e-phones?
  5. Finally. http://s416.photobucket.com/albums/pp250/DaisyMcLintock/
  6. That message sounds awfully spooky to me. I'd be interested to know "who" put that documentary together and "who" this message is from. Why would humans call themselves mediocre? It'd be more like aliens would call us medicore communicator fish sticks in a microwave oven. Something in that message just doesn't seem "human," if you ask me. Anyway, I would not deny to any creature here on earth, large or small, human or not, the ability to communicate to anyone, to anything, anywhere. Freedom of speech goes across the galaxy and across the universe, as far as I'm concerned, to anyone who can, and I daresay there are some that can. But an interesting thought popped into my head. Even if an alien creature wanted to communicate with me -- would they communicate via the english language or with some kind of alien morse code that I could not understand? Here kitty kitty..... OMG I just had to throw that in.
  7. Now that would be a gift to show off to everybody, Ecstasy.
  8. I single-clicked on quite a few, but didn't double-click. I then thought it was just a pretty page to close the site for one day. Sherberries did you see the beautiful Christmas page on this site yesterday? Well we were supposed to double-click on the presents and then something Eric would play. Maybe Bernie can post them again or make them for New Years?
  9. They've got to be ahead of us if they're able to "drive around" in space in their spacemobiles. I believe there is life elsewhere, but I'm not entirely sure I want to be visited by things other than humans unless they're friendly and can communicate with me in a nice way.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k99h5aikc4g I don't see how anybody can forget this band and the guitar players.
  11. Mannoman I put it on my list. Just spent nearly $200 on my son's Christmas, pipes in kitchen repaired, a few summer clothes for myself, etc. etc. Sometimes I think, "if I get a digital, who's going to go looking through a DVD where photos are not labeled like in an old-fashioned photo album?
  12. Drive-in movie theatres! Boy do I miss those!
  13. Well I guess in the end you got him because you're sleeping in Sat morning and his porch won't get swept.... Our posts crossed.
  14. Good one Ira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha Sadiis he got you, lol! :p
  15. While I agree that being critiqued may not be fun, or fair sometimes, it does go with the territory of the art world. Any time anyone creates anything it is liable to critique, and believe me, some like to critique more than others. :rolleyes:
  16. I was supposed to get my pictures back two days ago but they screwed things up and now I won't get them back until Monday probably. I'll call and see if they come in tomorrow but they only deliver M-W-F. I should have taken them to the one-hour photo!
  17. Or maybe not. I'm too damn lazy at the moment, lol.
  18. OMG that sounds sooooooooooo good Sadiis. I think I just might go out and get roll of Pillsbury!
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