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  1. And don't pay ANY attention to me today, I've got a PMS headache.
  2. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, posting how addicted you are in this thread. I'm only in here to say that I agree with LC that we should have EC coffee mugs. I'm NOT in this thread because I like it and I'm not on EC because I like EC. (Liar liar pants on fiar! )look at that she cant spell
  3. Precisely what I'm trying to figure out here!
  4. Ah no fair, you get to see it performed live? I'd love to see that. Too bad I didn't ask my grandfather to play it when I was younger.... Darn.
  5. Yeah I know, reading stuff online sucks sometimes, but I think we did a pretty good job of it, excluding Mr. Cartmill's oh so generous and out of the bag sense of humor. You gotta Love it!
  6. LOL That's the best thing I've heard all day!!!!!
  7. You're welcome for the clarification. I'll enjoy the music. Always have, always will.
  8. Marvin - I'm getting my degree in text Writing, not music. BIG difference. Also, I said I was SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING getting a Masters in Music. I didn't say that I was studying music, which means I am still in the dark as far as anything theoretical regarding music. I didn't write All By Myself so no, I don't know where the friggin solo lies.... I asked quite a simple question and was really hoping for a reply for a specific reason. If I'm right then I'll tell you.
  9. It was NOT an insult. You actually have it backwards, Raspberriewolf. It is a compliment to the author to want to find a copy of his book. I was inquiring as to why there are no more copies for me to buy. If the publisher had any brains, and saw that the book sold out quickly, they'd publish more of it.... It is a good book and is still in demand. To me that's a compliment, not an insult. I totally forgot about limited runs. I don't hear or read about that aspect often. The book needs to be brought into re-print mode.
  10. Not a problem, Marvin. Not a problem.
  11. Out of print? Usually good-selling books remain in print....
  12. Does the solo begin at 2:46 on the time clock on this version? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3j_fdSpkmE
  13. Before I go, I just wanted to say that I am pretty sure I understand the 4 bars at a time thingy, but what part of the song has the solo? Recap? Soliloquy? Interlude? I've got some words to look up tomorrow morning, lol. :p
  14. I'm not sure what's missing, but I'm probably referring more to the literary technical side than the musical technical side, or maybe a little bit of both, if that makes any sense. It's a little late in the day now and my brain is pretty much fried. As I said, I'll chew on it some more and write again.
  15. Thanks for sending me that, Marvin. I don't think I would have found it on my own. I read most of it but still want more time to chew on it. Something feels like it's missing, but I don't know what that is, exactly. I can let you know when I discover it. The article is very good, though. I know nothing about music theory (seriously considering getting a Masters in Music though) and I need help understanding what he means here by solo, and also the paragraph directly below doesn't tell me a whole lot about minute details of "incorporating." The text feels empty, like it needs air to breathe. And maybe I need to figure out what it needs before I ask somebody to give me that. How did the song come about? When I was writing that album, I was listening to my favorite music which was Rachmaninoff. "All By Myself" incorporated a melody from his 2nd piano concerto as the verse. And the solo? The solo is mine. The song started with the solo. It started four bars at a time. Eventually, over a period of two months, that entire interlude had been written. Then my quest was to put this in the middle of an actual song. Then it was a matter of trying to figure out what kind of song and how could I do it. I was listening to Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto and I heard the melody which I used for the verse. DM
  16. Dear Raspbernie, Oh thank you so much for the update. Will this new version have the photos that are in the old version, I hope??? Any projected publishing date? I haven't read the old version obviously, but I'd like to read about how and when he got the idea to use Rach's work, how he formulated it. I'm not talking about the notes and putting them on paper. I'm talking about how he envisioned "All By Myself" (all of my interest lies with "All By Myself because of its classical senses) to be before, during, and after he wrote it. And what drew him to that particular Rach piece? Those are the things I'd LOVE to read about. If they're in the current book then too bad I don't have it. I would THOROUGHLY enjoy reading about getting into that head of his! The reason I say that is because that's the core of my passion for music, yes, reading about musicians and finding out what their cores are and what makes them tick. Seeing their passion in their performances makes me tick, too. Looking forward to the new version. Again, thanks for your reply. DM
  17. Dear Annie & Hollies, I think that would be neat to meet Eric, but honestly, I don’t see that happening - - and I’m okay with that. I actually came here to see if anyone knew where I could get a copy of Eric’s biography. I wrote to someone who I thought was the author, but he never wrote back. I’ll keep on searching. I believe I relate to Eric more on a professional level than a personal level. This may not sound picturesque to some, but it’s how I feel about the famous. I looked up “public figure†online and this is what dictionary.com said. public figure: “A famous person whose life and behavior are the focus of intense public interest and scrutiny.†Given that definition I can’t help but feel that Eric is a public figure. People are, and will talk about him. They like him and are interested in him. Since I do not know Eric personally I will not make the assumption that he sought fame purposely (nothing wrong with that if he did!!!!!!!!). I will say that I do know there are some people in the entertainment business who are perfectly happy not being famous, but then there are others who sought fame purposely. Some don’t mind the fame, some do. My point -- once you enter the wonderful world of entertainment (and I do mean that genuinely) you subject yourself to public scrutiny, like it or not. Yes there are photographers and paparazzi that disobey the rules concerning public figures, and shame on them. I don’t know all the details or the court outcome of Depp’s case, but I can honestly say I don’t blame Johnny Depp for hitting the photographer with his car. They CAN get in the way while relaxing. Thanks for posting. DM
  18. Commenting. John Barry must have been lucky because I think it was Universal who got permission from the Rach's to use "Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini" for the very lovely "Somewhere In Time" (1980,platinum). Barry's extensive track record helped, of course: Bond movies, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, etc.
  19. Hello Darlene, No, I know that post was not directed at me. I thought the post was neat and was just responding to it in a positive light. --DM
  20. Whoopsie -- I'm the type to suck up and kiss ass! But I'd never do that with Eric. There's no need to. I don't know him. Even if I was given the god-forsaken GLORY of meeting him, I wouldn't know what in the devil to say to him because he's had everything already said to him. Congrats on your success? That's been said. Congrats on the birth of your children? That's been said too. How about "I love your music." If I said that to him I'm sure he'd want to puke! For that's been said 800,000 times too. The only thing I can possibly think of to say to him (that might not have been said yet) would be "Will you write a song about me?" To that he'd laugh too, I'm sure, but hey that's ok, everybody can use a good laugh. To My Lovely Beatnut - In my most humble opinion, kissing ass and sucking up has nothing to do with intelligence. I'm in my last year of college getting my degree in Writing, if that has anything to do with anything. It just so happens that I never had any issues being extra nice to bosses or others in authority. It comes quite naturally, actually, and I've always respected those in authority or of high stature. Great post again, Beatnut. Great post. P.S. Whenever I do "suck up," it is always with honesty. I'd never tell someone they looked great in purple if I didn't think so. That to me is dishonesty, something I frown upon.
  21. Thanks Darlene and Mannoman. It's really nice to be here. I had no idea there was even a board regarding Eric. I've watched and scrutinized many a musicians on youtube, and am amazed at the depth of my interest in Eric, especially that I'm here. :rolleyes:
  22. I'm with Beatnut. Nice post. It's true that some of us have a very special place in our hearts for Eric. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do. Why do I have this special place, you ask? A couple of reasons. First and foremost -- I identify with his being a musician and the passion he feels for his music. Second, I'm a wannabe musician and I admire exceptional talent when I see it. This somehow brings me closer to the musician. Yes there are many talented musicians out there, I could have picked any one of them, but Eric has a very UNIQUE talent (the Rach thing) that not many people have, and that's something special that I recognize AND admire of him. Third, the lyrics he chose for his music tells me a lot about his life and his feelings for life. Again, somehow I can identify with this and it brings me closer to him. I'm a writer (of text, not music) myself and I know how deep one often has to go to get the best out of a piece of work. Not time to close this thread. It might interest Eric to read what other passionates (those who are and are not famous and/or rich) have to say. (I'm in the not-rich and not-famous category!)
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