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  1. Number 3 would never work on me. Happy Rosh Hashanah to you, Ira.
  2. Not to worry TC, not to worry. Was just sharing my inner thoughts with the board and wanted to proclaim how GREAT Eric's mind really is. Well okay some of you already know that but I wanted to share it anyway. Nothing wrong with proclaiming who the Lord of Music is, lol. (there's that tongue again )
  3. Aha! The QB is for bold! Raspbernie likes the quote to be bold!
  4. That tongue made me smile! (Hope I'm getting this quote stuff correct. Why make the reader re-read everything?)
  5. This is an addendum to my last post. I'm astounded that the Rach's received money for a few notes used, although if it weren't for Rach's music in the first place Eric would not have been inspired to write ABM. After saying that I now feel sort of compelled to say that it is ok that the Rach's received money. Their ancestors did compose great work. By the way I finally listened to Concerto 2 and others of Rach and in my opinion Concerto 2 is supreme when compared to the others. I can see now, why Eric chose Concerto 2. It really does take the cake. Again - what a genius you are, Eric. You really know your classics. With regards to songwriting, it appears that songwriting boils down to inspiration. Inspiration of some kind, is needed to get the songwriter to write. (The same goes for literary writing. The writer has to have some kind of inspiration (and drive) to write.)
  6. Ever since I found out Eric was inspired by Rachmaninov, I was curious to know what part(s) Eric had used. I wanted to know how much of the song was Rach and how much of the song was Eric. Yesterday was an excellent day for me. Our esteemed owner Mr. Raspbernie, confirmed my thoughts about the song -- that Eric was the one who composed my favorite part of the song and the most beautiful part of the song -- the solo. Mr. Raspbernie then took the words right out of my mouth when he told me, "Most people when they hear that Eric based ABM on Rachmaninoff believe incorrectly that the solo is the Rachmaninoff part. Of course, it is NOT." It is Eric playing what HE himself composed. I don't know what you would call it, but I am calling this song a masterpiece. Beautiful work Eric!!!!
  7. Raspbernie, Interesting that giving credit was not enough. In the literary world a fellow writer can give credit (in a bibliography) to another writer but not have to give royalties for the use. Songwriting "credit" seems to extend a bit further, adding money into the equation. --DM
  8. Eric's hobby is listed as number one: Girls Girls???????? Girls a hobby???????
  9. Thanks for that Bernie, I had wondered about it and thought the same. The Rach's were lucky indeed, to have had an extremely talented and intelligent song composer who was inspired by their ancestor's work. I still have other thoughts/questions re Rachs.
  10. Life can be tough, I know. You're going through a real bad spell, but I'm here in thought for ya. I know how you feel about taking the collision off. When I had my wreck in 2000 I didn't have rental coverage -- I spent $2000 in renting a car because of that. "Car rental" is not coverage the insurance tries to get people to buy, unfortunately. I learned the hard way. I will say a prayer that life improves for you starting today.
  11. Hey Tim - I noticed your favorite Eric song is All By Myself too. Woo-hoo! (hope you picked it before you saw deedee) I've checked out a number of profiles and so far you and I are the only ones who picked ABM for their favorite song. I don't know, it kinda boggles my mind for some reason. Not even Angelina who likes Rach picked ABM???? Yeah yeah, everyone has their tastes, but why not ABM? Can you tell I'm an ABM fanatic? It's a god-forsaken masterpiece, ya know???
  12. Awe, there's our beloved Eric........ What a sweetie.
  13. I'm not one to engage in politics, but I was apalled at someone who called my house asking who I was going to vote for. I politely told them that it was private data and that I don't give that out. I didn't even tell my son who I'm voting for. I'll discuss just about anything but who I'm going to vote for. Did the people really think I was going to tell them? Wow.
  14. Thanks MJ. I'll write you a PM because this is probably a sensitive subject for Eric and out of respect don't want to go into it on the board.
  15. Oh, that's nice. Well, this is my first time here and I haven't been on any message boards for five years.
  16. And methinks Mr. GMan is right! I admit it!
  17. I did know that she started out young because I happened to see a video of her singing at about 18 yrs old. I wasn't aware that she started out around 10 years old. Thanks for the heads up on her success in the world long before her Titanic song came. I'm thinking that ABM was not used much or at all simply because of that Rach thing. That's actually a major area of my interest in Eric, you might want to know, and I aim to learn more about it if possible.
  18. Ok Marvin here's my thinking. In my opinion, Celine became a world-wide success because of her Titanic song. She does have talent, I will admit that. Adding Eric's beautiful ABM only added more success to her 40 million copies sold because its a masterpiece. She knew that, or whoever did the album knew that. OH, you mean Eric's happy because he made more money because of her album??? Hey maybe that's what you were trying to say. If that's the case then why didn't you just say so, silly? I can understand that. Yeah, if somebody wanted to use my stuff and I'd make a profit, sure, I'd be game, I guess. Actually I don't know, would have to be there and experience it myself to answer that. Anyway I don't hate her music, but I do hate the ego-maniac I saw in one of her videos. It made me want to puke, her traipsing around that stage like she owned the world. I lost respect for her after that. Here's our most beloved Eric playing beautifully like he did, and he played with dignity, respect, and confidence, a confidence I can admire. I like confidence, but not overconfidence.
  19. Fair enough, but me thinks ABM belongs to Eric's eyes only.
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