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  1. You guys are hilarious. Nothing to be scared of, geez. I'm a friggin writer. Recall that my major is Writing, hmm? This was written last year, and at that time and place I was enamored with Lionel. Not so today. You see, as a writer I sometimes write for the moment, much like Eric did when he wrote ABM. The world of words is completely open to writers and songwriters. I'd say that most of the time we write about what's going on in our lives, but not always. Makes sense, plus it is often the driving factor. Take Elton John's, 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Words.' He was driven to write that because he was overwhelmed by sadness at that time in his life. Same with me. I was overwhelmed with happiness and so it drove me to write. There was a need there and so I fulfilled it. Since this piece has a musical foundation, I thought it would be nice and entertaining. I happened to write one other piece on Lionel but it is very different from this one and it is NOT a fantasy. It was a review about his CD that came out last year. I wrote it intentionally for Lionel himself, and I am almost sure he read it. After its distribution (went out as a Press Release) the media visited the job I had at that time, ha ha. Not sure why. No one spoke to me about it. Probably just checking up on me. To explain the first paragraph - it's kind of like a grand opening to something superfluous. I don't write fiction, but somehow the first paragraph ended up being fiction. I did not sleep with Lionel Richie. I called him by his last name because the writing flowed more easily, along with the fact that, according to the first paragraph, I knew him in an intimate way and calling him "Richie" felt right. If you want to think of this as a metaphor, that would fit. Ever read "Metaphor" by Silvia Plath? If you have trouble with metaphors, perhaps you could think of this as something akin to the lyrics in Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat."
  2. Wrote this while I was on a Richie hiatus. Like songwriters, I write for the moment. Was written summer, ©2006-2008. Nothing goes deeper into the soul than passion I am at home with Richie, asleep. I wake up and learn it is 3:00 in the morning. I walk into the music study and find him at the piano. I go over to him and gently ask, "Watcha doing, honey?" He answers softly, "Writing a song for you, and about you." I then say honestly and lovingly, "How nice honey. I am sure it will be magnificent. Anything you write is bound to top the charts." He smiles at me, reaches over, and kisses me softly on the lips saying, "I never dreamed anyone could be so good, not even at my best with my first wife." This was saying a lot, because I knew how much he loved his first wife. My interest in Richie is based upon a passion for music. No I am not a musician, but I understand what he feels when he sings. I have felt that myself, because I have been singing to my family and friends since I was seven years old. If it weren’t for my intense fear of people and audiences and what they think of me, I might have wished I could be singing right along side of him. Since that cannot be, I can only imagine what could have been. I am twenty years too late to be his wife, however, I am not too late in telling him that I adore the passion in his music, for it happens to match my own. How proud I am that you made it to success, Lionel, for without it, I would not have known of your music. In your video "My Love," I admire the fact that you can give yourself to the camera, no strings attached. The ease with which you play, the flirtatious look in your eyes, and that mischievous smile I see peeking through, these cannot be bought by the American dollar. They are things that must come from within. You are a rare commodity and the epitome of adaptation as far as performing. Thank you for giving us the gift of your music and the passion you radiate in this video. In the beginning it is just you and the piano doing the magic that you do, your voice soft and silky, comfortable, and full of emotion with the melodies that you play. How smooth everything flows with every piano key you press. The lyrics too, are proof that you once loved a woman very much. Because of her you were able to write this song and sing it in the way you did. This is what creates a legend – excitement at its peek, an energy that has no limits, a magnetic draw, and of course, the talent to compose. All of those are contained in this video. It was a striking performance, Mr. Richie. Absolutely and unmistakably incredible. This article was borne out of Lionel’s music video, "My Love," a rare presentation from a very distinguished musician. It can be viewed here . (Just checked the URL and they removed the original peformance due to violation terms. Sorry about that.)
  3. I think Al Stewart was an underrated musician. The instrumentals are beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM7LR46zrQU
  4. Yes, quite late getting on. This is great stuff, thanks. Now I have something to reference whenever I need it.
  5. They may have done animation, I just don't know all that they encompass, and I don't remember all the titles of all the films my father worked on. I know for sure that his early career began with animation at Hanna Barbara, as a film editor. My father composed music but that was mainly as a hobby at home, although one person in the entertainment business asked him to write a song for his wife to give to her at Christmas. I still have that song on cassette.
  6. Soundstorm was a recording studio. I know it was, because I went in there several times to have lunch with him. I remember I always had to be extra quiet when I went in there, or to whisper whisper whisper while there. I thought it was the neatest thing in the world to be in a recording studio, I really did. I wasted my life doing what I did instead of recording and writing! He was Supervising Sound Editor at Soundstorm. I guess I should make it clear that he did sound for films, not musicians. Sorry if I mislead you.
  7. Another question just popped up in my mind: So Eric never intended a solo career. He was kind of ushered into it, then?
  8. Yes I did know that Marvin, about Harry's name. For some reason I just so happened to refer to him as KC. That was very interesting about the song being intended for The Raspberries. I just like knowing this stuff.
  9. My father worked at a few, but the very last one he worked at was Soundstorm. He was a film editor at Hanna Barbara.
  10. Musical finance page -- heh. Surely you must be the type to read the Dow Jones each morning with your coffee??
  11. Common knowledge to those maybe who are in the business, but I am not in it. I darn well should have been. My father was in it all his life. Began at 19 yrs old at Hanna Barbara and was eventually on the Academy. I could go on with this but I think I'll stop here otherwise Gman might get his dagger out and hack me with it. Suffice it to say that I'm still very upset at not being a musician. I'll leave it at that unless you want to hear more. Common knowledge - makes me think that every time a CD comes out various musicians discuss the money the songwriter made on it. Whoops, forgot to say that my father was also Supervising Sound Editor.
  12. Even if a really good person entered politics to save the world, they'd be trampled on, stepped on, drowned, and then turned ugly upsidedown by all the surrounding antisocials. On a positive note, there are many lovely organizations who work to save animals and human beings, and many are grateful for these.
  13. Yes and that's what I've read, that songwriters often write quite a number of songs before good ones come along and make them wealthy. A good example of this is Rob Thomas. He wrote many songs before "Smooth" became a hit. Actually he co-wrote Smooth, probably with Santana himself, with those fab guitar riffs and all.
  14. I'm flabbergasted. Is it safe to say that ABM took a little longer than I forethought? Also, was Eric waiting for his solo career to release it, or did the song happen to be ready after the band broke up? Or he just presented it to the execs and they said ok let's make it a solo thing.
  15. Hollies and Gman - how did you know this about Casey? I am interested in how you came across this info. I mean do you regularly visit the musical finance page, or something? Definitely a piece of information well worth knowing.
  16. Thanks MJ for the synopsis of the band. It answers some of my questions. Marvin, yes I have been following Eric's solo career more closely than his career with the Raspberries. Don't Want To Say Goodbye was a very nice song. The version I just heard did not show them performing it but I heard the lovely piano playing and I am assuming that was Eric playing. I guess he was piano-ing it up even back in his Raspberries days. I wanted to hear Let's Just Say Goodbye and Has Been Blues as you spoke about but I could not find it. As I watched The Raspberries I tried to figure out whether Eric liked playing music when he was on guitar or on the piano but I gave up. Chris Hess mentioned collaboration on Eric's last CD "I could really love you" and I was surprised to read this because I always thought once a band broke up, they no longer worked together on anything. I wonder if he had any influence on Eric while Eric was devising ABM but my guess is no because inspiration came from another source. Equally interesting is that some songwriters give their music to other musicians, possibly not wanting the work to go to waste. George McRae was given Rock Your Baby by KC and George made millions. KC gave it to him because he couldn't hit the hi notes. I don't know -- would I hand over millions to someone if I couldn't use the work myself? Good question, and I can't answer that because I'm not in that position. Maybe if it was a good friend of mine I might. By the way Daisy is not my real name. You could call me by my middle name, Lynn, if you want to.
  17. Marvin, I am very interested to know how/in what way did Wally play a big role in Eric's music career and life? DM
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