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  1. Sadiis, in answering you, I don't play the piano yet, so I wouldn't know what one sounded like against another, but that'd sure be an interesting test. I wonder what the salesmen of pianos are going to tell you. 'Oh, this one sounds like ___, and this one sounds like ___.
  2. Hello Kirk, I'd like to read about Eric's home. Do you happen to remember what month and year this issue was? Yes I'm sure their home has gone through many changes since then, with the addition of children, but still, I'd like to see and read the article if at all possible. Thanks, --DM
  3. They probably did, Darlene. They probably did. Sounds like you had a wonderful night playing in your symphony. I think that's wonderful.
  4. Darlene, It sounds interesting, like something I need to see, to believe it. Perhaps some day I might be able to do that. And meet you, too. Also, so does this Marc fella write about Eric and The Raspberries? --DM
  5. Sweden. How sweet! Wish I could go. (Will Marvin take me?) Look forward to seeing your other pics. Did you eat any special home-made chocolate while you were there?
  6. I thought he was talking about the rap music of today, lol.
  7. Hey MJ look forward to seeing you live. Hurry up Raspbernie!
  8. Jugband music, okay. I like it! Raspbernie can move this thread if he likes, no problem. To add to what MJ posted, it means performing in public places for tips and gratuities. I was surprised to learn that there are many very successful famous artists who started out this way: Gerry Rafferty, Joan Baez, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, Dolly Parton, Carlos Santana, Simon and Garfunkel, and Rod Stewart. Many movie stars were also buskers. Artists busk part-time or full-time for a variety of reasons: For money, for fun, for attention, to socialize or meet people, for the love of their art, to practice their skill, try out new material, and to be in front of an audience. Some earn just a little money, some earn a lot. Elements and other stuff determine the amount they make.
  9. These guys are a crack up. I absolutely love this unconventional music. Looks like they're buskan in the streets, but its a promo piece. Interesting that they add blowing into the bottle as an instrumental. I can hear that blowing, too. Nice slight touch. British band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbdyrRlYR2E
  10. 'Autumn In New York' is a great movie starring Gere and Ryder. I've got it in my collection. Ryder said in an interview that she thought her best role was in that lunatic film "Girl Interrupted" but I say her best role was in Autumn.
  11. Ordered. Will take 2-3 weeks for issue to arrive.
  12. Youth - ah, wouldn't I love to have it back and look like Carrie Underwood in this video .
  13. I know I've got a lot to live up to. Hell, I don't even know where my niche is, in writing. Got a contract with my local paper but I don't think my niche is in Feature Writing. One thing for sure: I do have a full manuscript ready for publication. Does that count?
  14. Oh, is it an online publication, then? Or is it that I must go to a very large periodical distribution outlet?
  15. Uh, assuming she's the proofer for the new edition of MM coming out...
  16. The proofer for MM is on here? That's interesting. I guess she'll get the sense for how weird Eric's/Raspberries fans are then, lol.
  17. Your avatar says Kirk. Are you really Jennifer then, the proofer for MM?
  18. Ah, freelance is the way to go these days. Kinda scared whether the creative juices will keep flowing for me, though. Course I got Cartmill, whoops, I mean Carthill, to keep me going. I'll definitely check out that mag around town. It's gotta be available around here somewhere. Wonder if my local grocery store will have it. They do have a nice selection. Oh and, congrats on the article, even though I haven't read it just yet.
  19. Marv - Hmmm what? Want me to point the way? And, are you a journalist/fellow writer?
  20. Not that it matters, but I need to clarify that I am not a dark-skinned woman, nor do I date dark-skinned men. That thing I wrote leads people to believe that, I know, but it is far from the truth. It's just a fantasy piece, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. You have no idea how many dark-skinned men have approached me from that article. But -- I stand behind it 100% because it gives a great musician the compliment he deserves. The word creative means what it means - anything goes, and I am the first to admit that I can be very flaky when it comes to writing. I'll write where the wind takes me..... And this little pill (Tony Carthill) gives me a headache! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah Okay I thought that was funny. Hey I NEVER promised you a rose garden, now did I??
  21. No Marvin, it's a BS in "Rhetoric & Writing."
  22. Marvin see usi.edu for details. Hollies - Thank you for your offer, but I think I'll pass on it. The last piece I posted didn't go so well. Tony - in case you haven't noticed, you are already in a different dimension than other people around you... No need for drugs!
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