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  1. I'm missing all the birthdays. Happy Belated birthday, Gina.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SPECIAL SECRET HANDSHAKER Marv I am terribly sorry for this belated birthday wish. As I posted in another thread I went out of town and just now have turned on my computer in 3 days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY. HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD ONE.
  3. Thanks for the photo, Raspbernie. It's great. I love it!
  4. Oh I like your avatar James. Have always loved Marilyn.
  5. I don't wanna be boring and say Angelina the coffee one is the best because I love coffee, but I also don't want to say what I'm really thinking so I'll just be a good girl here and not embarrass myself. Awesome stuff Angelina. Government bonds, . Yeah he did come through. What a hero!
  6. That was a great show. Greg was cute, Bobby was cute too, and I don't remember the middle guy's name, I'm brain dead!
  7. Had a very very long day at school. Was a good day, just a long one, that's all. Anybody have a good joke to tell? Or a bad one? I'm tired but I'm also excited because my favorite show is on in an hour -- Survivor.
  8. Happy Birthday late in the day Billie! Hey Mannoman what are all those places you have in your sig? You live in all those places?
  9. Good luck in your new job Pauliemississippi.
  10. How about tuna casserole? All ya do is boil pasta, mix in can of tuna and mayo, and presto! Add salt & pepper if you like.
  11. Great photos, Raspbernie. Thanks for posting them. I look forward to hearing however many tunes you put up.
  12. Thanks Marv. Darlene - He looks great in the Backstreets issue too. Tim, thanks for posting these. Anybody else from this board wanna share their musician photos? GMan? I know you sing, so don't hide from us!
  13. Wow that would not be fun at all. I'm kinda lucky. I actually like my internal clock. It's cool being up at 5 or 6. It's quiet, and I have most of my energy at that hour. Don't ever call me at 7pm, the cells in my body start going to sleep and I get cranky, lol. Days and nights mixed up? As Hollies says, Hoo Boy.
  14. Hello Paul, Thanks for your post. I see now, what you're saying. Your point was taken very well. I never would have guessed that, so thanks for changing the angle of my thinking. --DM
  15. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE Is Lionel Richie's New Single A Flop? Lionel's newest single "I Call It Love," insults and neglects his long-time fans. The song is not a bad one, it just does not conform to what his fans expect of him. His fans expect the old school that carried originality, not the new one in which that silky voice is lost in the shuffle of what sounds like a computer generated melody. Fans prefer hearing Lionel sing accompanied by a piano and maybe an instrument or two, but not with distractions added from digital sources. Asked what he thought of the song, Mark Baker, huge fan to Lionel and Program Director for WIKY ( 104.1 FM ) Radio, could not say he was excited about the song. Instead, he stated, "I don't know what I'm going to do with it." The song can be heard by going to http://www6.islandrecords.com/site/artist_home.php?artist_id=342. The album is due out September 12. If this new song is any indication of the album, mega commercial success once again, cannot be guaranteed. The song is not what he's known for and what his fans like. If Lionel is attempting to break it in with the younger crowd, he's done a good job, but of course anyone with the success Lionel has can go anywhere they like, and do anything they want. An important thing for Lionel to always keep in mind is that Program Directors are people too, with likes and dislikes just like the rest of us. If Program Directors do not like this song it means they will not play it on their radio stations. It's as simple as that. Further, no songs promoted on radio stations means less sales of CD's. It appears that maybe Lionel might want to seriously consider going back to the old school where success is always at his fingertips and where many mature Program Directors enjoy the music. The need for new things is understandable, but traveling outside one's genre is a bit extreme, don't you think? We do not see Diana Ross, Phil Collins, Sting, or Barbara Streisand changing colors, so why should Lionel? More than likely Lionel needs a certain inspiration to get him back to the old school and back to that frame of mind he was once in. One or two experimental new-school tunes on an album are okay, but to create an entire album of new school? That might be a costly switch. It is worth considerable thought. In an interview with MusicRemedy.com, Lionel stated, "How do we make this interesting and unique, how do we make a record where the 'old' sound is now the 'new' sound?" That's just it Lionel, this new school cannot be put in the same category with the old school. The sounds are completely different. Your long-time fans hope you make it back to the old road. It was a nice place to be. ###
  16. Tim thanks for posting that link. DEF LEPPARD'S Joe Elliot says, "How cool is this?! Country's hottest young star wanting to work with us!!" My reaction to that? It's that I praise the old school. There is NOTHING like the old school tunes that were created in the 60's, 70's, 80's, and maybe part of the 90's. That Press Release I wrote on Lionel Richie was stating this very thing. Funny that the subject came up now. I'll post the Press Release directly below this post. If you want to read it, fine, if not, that's quite alright too. In it I praise the old school. There is NOTHING like the tunes that were created in the 60's, 70's, 80's, and maybe part of the 90's. Maybe I'm too full of myself, but if I was an older famous and very successful musician, I'd be saying that the younger school should be grateful to work with the older school. Again, maybe I'm just full of myself but I think that's how I'd feel. Hmmm, maybe I wouldn't announce that fact, lol, but I'd sure be thinkin' it.
  17. Bedtime for me is around 9pm. Have a lovely internal clock that says wake up at 5-6am, go to sleep around 9ish. What show are you watching, MJ? It can't be Survivor because that's on Thursday nights.
  18. Wasn't that supposed to be for last night?
  19. Yes, interesting that they don't market their songs individually, that they only allow albums to sell.
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