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  1. Thanks Ira. I understand now. Well, I'm sure that Plant and the others have enough money to last them the rest of their lives, and so they don't need to tour any longer. Let's hope they don't stop writing or jamming because as I was just telling Gman in a PM -- music is a lifeblood and should never really be stopped, else life stops. That may not be true for all musicians, but I have a feeling it holds true for quite a number of them. The way I know this is because I learned it the hard way.
  2. Okay I'm a little bananas at the moment, lol. Ira I didn't see Todd's name in the article you posted. I was half-expecting to read that Todd was a runner-up for the Zep pick, but alas, I see that that is not the case. I only know Todd by that one song. I'd need to hear his album to get a feel for if he's Zep material. Can he rock? Can he swish and sway to the beat of Bonham's drums?
  3. Hi again. I just wanted to ask those who have the album this question: I saw a deluxe version of the album online and was wondering if I should stick with the regular one or purchase the deluxe one? Which one has the best songs? Raspbernie next time you're on here can you move this question to the Todd thread? I posted it in the wrong place.
  4. Thanks for your reply Teragram. I thought I read 're-release' of 'I Need You' and that is why I mentioned an additional release of it but I see that someone else recorded it first and that's where the re-release comes from.
  5. Sorry Bessieboo! I have 2 guinea pigs. They don't bark.
  6. My best friend had success with that program as well, Bessieboo, but she was lucky that she didn't have to pay the remaining $16,000. She did daycare work in her home while putting herself through getting her Bachelors in Nursing.
  7. ooooooou seeing Todd's name makes me giggle..... (I'm on my last $120 until my next student loan comes in so I haven't bought my CD just yet. I'll post in the Todd thread when I do get it and play it.)
  8. Teragram - ever visit Titanic's slipway at H&W? I used to be a T-buff.
  9. Tell me if I got this correct or not. 'I Need You' was released on an album, but we all want to hear another version of it to be posted here on EC, is that it? If so, then yeah, I agree, a tiny glitch is nothing compared to the joy us fans will get from hearing the music. I say we pound on Raspbernie's door again, this time with Cartmill in tow....
  10. Cartmill ROCKS! (nickname G of H Grinch of Halloween)
  11. I heard that on the news and I couldn't believe they were telling us to replace our batteries in the detectors. Do detectors have a habit of going off on Daylight Savings, lol???
  12. Hey we got someone from Ireland on here. Teragram how'd you end up here?
  13. Great people, great site, Raspbernie. Welcome, Shelley.
  14. Following in their father's (William Randolph Hearst) steps - the Hearst clan does and will use their papers for political and other endeavors. William did so in 1912 with the Titanic disaster.
  15. Don't know if they changed the icon for Halloween or not but the icon in the upper left corner is cool for Halloween.
  16. From some other thread - - Lew rocks! Love the poem Lew. Nice work. Very nice work. Wendy you did an awesome job on that page. I like the woman with her legs open. Yeah guys love sex, but we women do too, don't we. Happy Halloween Wendy & Lew.
  17. I'm so stupid I thought that was Tony Cartmill doing the announcing until I read the rest of the announcement.
  18. And is there a chat room or something? Telephone?
  19. Funny you said that, Marvin. I was thinking the same exact thing.
  20. Count me in. I drank coffee late in the afternoon so I'm awake for awhile. I too, am very happy at the moment, MJ. AMAZING what a song will do to ya.... So its for 9:30 Eastern?
  21. Hmmm, maybe I just never saw it then. I don't believe I've seen her post before, until now. There are A LOT of members here. A LOT.
  22. Okay, but I ain't gonna stretch it out. Being that this thread is about drinking and all, I found the signature a little overwhelming, that's all. The wound was reopened too, which kinda hurt. It all blended into one fell swoop. A bit much for my liking. The signature was the straw that broke the camel's back. Okay?
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