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  1. Cute photo of doggie, Anna! Hey maybe we should create an EricandFriends account at photobucket. Thanks for posting that Anna. Nice to 'see' a live photo of a member.
  2. Hey Ira - how about "Guinea Pigs are Good." I got me two cuties. They don't smell roses but you can cuddle them in bed. Only for a few minutes because they go potty often.
  3. So this photo is after the gig? Did they shower or something? They aren't sweating! Great photo, Bernie. Thank you for posting. I haven't got used to you posting new photos each week. You must bust doors down ranting "You got any Rasberry photos? I've gotta post one this week. Yikes."
  4. Ran into this while reading. Used to use one as a kid while learning piano but I wonder if anybody uses them anymore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Metronome_Nikko.jpg
  5. Nice lineup, Sidotti. Keep it going and you'll be in the bullseye for fame....
  6. My Grandpa was a Veteran. God Bless him! He's still alive.
  7. I'd go but I'm too tired now. Mabye next time, Susana? Thanks very much for the invite, though.
  8. OMG you were talking to Chris, right? LOL. I think I'll go to bed now for sure. You know I'd swear I was on a different thread. This website must do funky things to me.
  9. Alright I will, but not tonight. I'm on the crappy machine and it doesn't play videos. When I next get on the better machine I'll take a peak, okay?
  10. I think its funny that just a moment ago this board had 62 guests online, and now only 8. Everybody must have gone to bed, hee hee. And its my bedtime soon too.
  11. Woo-Hoo on Manning! Think I'll wear my Colts long-sleeve tomorrow. With a thick coat and scarf. It's cold over here!
  12. Hey Hollies that's the nicest thing I've seen you post. Keep it up!!!!!!
  13. Some discounts http://airfare.travelzoo.com/north-american-airfare/486637
  14. Marvin - - I ain't foolin'. Please believe me. I am not trying to brag or anything, God help me, but I swear on my life I am sitting here right now singing that song acappella. I think this just might be a case of what is easy to one is difficult to another. While there are many songs I CAN sing, there are many I can't, like I don't do Pat Benatar, Heart, and other female rocker-type likeables. Oh and I forgot: I apologize for my lack of knowledge on covers. You and some others really know your stuff.
  15. Marvin the first James Taylor song that hit me was "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." How hard can that song be??
  16. Marv - Had a feeling someone was going to say that about James Taylor. I haven't tried to sing his stuff but he sounds simple enough, anyway. Alright let's see. How about "Laugh" by the Monkeys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdyvUNZV6bI&feature=related
  17. Making new friends, being surrounded by musicians, the music-minded, and music lovers. I will also get lots of happiness out of my piano when I finally get it into my house.
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