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  1. I'm pretty strong actually. Worked for the post office for 4 1/2 lifting those boxes daily. I've also got 2 strong teenagers to help me plus a dolly. Gosh I was hoping you'd be happy for me.
  2. Marv - I'm a little ole student still in school. Limited funds. By the time I pay a mover, by all the music sheets I want to play, get it tuned, and whatever else I might need, that can all add up. Remember my only income right now is educational loans. Oh and the size is, I don't know. It's an upright. It's solid Rosewood though, I know that. I've a digital photo of it if anyone has a photo account.
  3. Sure Hollies! You gonna pay for that??
  4. I find that my metronome is my foot. I tap it to the beat of songs.
  5. I rented a U-Haul this evening so that I could go pick up the piano I bought first thing tomorrow morning. All they had available was a 24' truck so I took it. I got in the thing, drove it about 2 blocks, and nearly had a heart attack. It drives like a Tonka truck, it wobbles, it makes creaky noises, its steering column is out of alignment, its windshield wipers sound like the hulk snoring, and the brakes felt very strange (my son says they're fluid, whatever that means). It was raining so that didn't help matters. Everything is ok, its just that I've never driven such a dangerous vehicle in my life. It was scary. They're going to give me a refund, so that's not a problem. I just can't wait til tomorrow morning til that block of black and white stares at me waiting for me to play it. It'll be time to celebrate - Daisy gets her first piano!
  6. Cool that you started your own business!
  7. Didn't forget aboutcha John. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Great clear shots. I like! Very nice seeing another member and who I'm talking to. Thanks for sharing Tim!
  9. My 13 year old reached over my shoulder kinda and screamed "Foamy Squirrel!" I don't know, the little cartoon character didn't do anything for me, but apparently he's reached an audience of some kind or other.
  10. Although I don't much care for the hard country, one thing is crystal clear - - they are talented and can hold a note. Can't say that for some of the toddlers out there, ya know?
  11. Simon & Garfunkel rock Bee Gees rock Led Zeppelin rocks Yardbirds rock. Grateful Dead are good Beach Boys are good Billy Joel - ??? No likey that much. I like a very wide variety of music. The only type of music I cannot tolerate is Heavy Metal. It makes me fall asleep. I wish it didn't, but it does. Oh and I also cannot tolerate rap.
  12. What hilarious story Duane.
  13. Not sure if this will take off or not, but I am NOT listening to (artists you never understood): Pina Colada - Billy Joel
  14. Ouch! My tongue is stuck. Come help me.....
  15. Nevermind Hollies. I was talking about Eric's ring on his finger -- he fiddled with it while playing, and I was wondering what happened, that's all. I guess it was a dumb question because it got ignored.
  16. John - thank you very kindly for that list, but when I made my post I was kinda referring to the people in this thread, that no women were mentioned. But its nice to know a few women (a mere 28 out of 100) are in the running.
  17. Mr. Cartmill I'm at school just before class and I've nearly embarrassed myself laughing outloud in this computer lab!
  18. From the many youtube videos I have seen, Plant is not the only musican that cannot replicate studio versions. On the bright side there are also many musicians who can replicate and these are always gems.
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