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  1. I'll never visit Japan or China unless I am famous and they pay me over a million dollars to perform.
  2. Yeah - that's it! You hit it better than I did! Class! Hmmmm, me like classy men....
  3. Go get your stockings with the seam up the back. Japs is short just like mags is short for magazine... I don't see the big deal.
  4. What about the photo that came with the download? Nobody said anything about it. It's a fab fab photo, and I absolutely adore it! I love Eric young, but he's sophisticated in this one. I like this song and I think it is commercial material. Thanks for sharing Raspbernie. And I'm ecstatic that real musical instruments were used!
  5. Hey Wendy. Yes I meant to say the Japanese but they're Japs for short. Bernie's been real good to all of us yes and a hug is in order.
  6. Dreamy photo of Eric for sure. Thanks Raspbernie for posting. Were the Japs nice to ya? They better have been!
  7. Oh gawd here we go. I told my son the other day "I must be losin' it because my purse just disappeared." When I went to pick up my Rundgren CD this afternoon the store clerk said here's your handbag ma'm!
  8. Sorry guys, but I'm with Hollies on this one. I'm now at my fourth college earning my degree. I've attended multiple colleges because I took classes over several years plus I changed my major from computer science to writing, hence, all the extra classes. As Hollies stated, it doesn't matter how many colleges you go to, point is, is that you get your degree. Another interesting phenomena regarding education -- the young woman who sits next to me in philosophy, well, she couldn't spell the word probably but she could certainly decipher premises and conclusions at the snap of her fingers, something which took me a number of hours to learn. So, to each his own.
  9. Yeah its a guinea pig. A very special one, ha ha.
  10. Sorry about not posting the link! Wanted to say that Vesuvius is extremely dangerous because there are a million people living near this active volcano. Safe evacuation plan? For a million people? Not likely... http://www.gso.uri.edu/131_Site/Vesuvius/Home/index.html John, lol.
  11. Yeah that could have been dangerous huh Bessie. I was real lucky. The husband used to work for Atlas Van Lines so he knew how to tie it up good, and he did. That I think, was my saving grace.
  12. Is in Italy and her name is Vesuvius. We've been studying various dangerous volcanoes in my Geology class and this one is the most fascinating because the whole city was buried alive under hot ash. They excavated and found everything just as it was. Here's the link. You don't need a password or anything, but it uses Adobe Flash so hope you have it. Be sure and click on all the links and little video buttons. Towards the end you learn about the bakery they had -- wow talk about creativity with nature. Anyway hope you enjoy it just as I have. By the way I'm doing my homework in this link as I type.
  13. Good Sunday Afternoon To Ya, Barbara. I'll have to work on getting one, okay. And Anna, I am so in love its incredible. Funny how a musical instrument can boost your mood.
  14. Thanks but no thanks, Reid! I was born and raised in So Cal (the valley) and sure don't miss a lot of your nasty weather or your "for espanol, press numero dos!!!" That drove me nuts!
  15. Here's one of the two pets I have. Anybody got any more photos of their pets? http://s416.photobucket.com/albums/pp250/DaisyMcLintock/?action=view&current=burry.jpg
  16. My sweet baby is sitting in my living room just a few feet from me. I am now the fifth person in my family to own a piano. Went to another U-Haul and this one gave me a brand new truck with only 39,000 miles on it. It was so small it fit right up to my front door. She's doing just fine and loves her new home. Thanks Chris for your kind words. Thanks to everyone else who was worried for my piano. All went really well and she's fine. http://s416.photobucket.com/albums/pp250/DaisyMcLintock/?action=view&current=SingerPiano.jpg http://s416.photobucket.com/albums/pp250/DaisyMcLintock/?action=view&current=SingerLabel.jpg
  17. Yes I priced a mover. Too costly, at least right now. But tell me, how can a person screw up a piano? You mean have it go out of tune?
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