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  1. I agree Darlene. She seems to connect in some way which is important, but equally important is showing emotion of some kind. People don't want to watch zombies.

    Mind you I just want to add that the emotion HAS to come from deep within. If it doesn't, it will not connect with the audience. Me, I know when a singer is trying too hard or faking the emotion. That doesn't work for me. I realize that artists perform their songs over and over, but they are paid to perform. Somehow it seems to me they have to FIND that emotion for each performance -- I would imagine that's got to take work at times. eek

    Saw some beautiful oak turntables yesterday in a Target Superstore. I thought oh my gosh the past is back. What's the purpose. We already have CD's.

  2. Just heard the whole thing. Interesting. It appears that you have to be exactly what the record label wants you to be. They need to be able to mold you. Just like they molded Marilyn from a brunette to a bleached blond, and they did a fab job.

  3. Also...Ballard was by far the best singer in the Supremes. Ross's voice was and is nothing special...As I said, it's all about her charisma and star power.

    That's what I wanted to know -- whether charisma sometimes overrides talent, and you answered that.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on it being a bias. It is no problem at all. I agree with Gordy being a dichotomy. As much as I sympathize with the ones who were outcast, it is a business. I really hate saying that but gosh it's so true.

    Gordy acted much like a casting agency. Best fit for the job gets the job? Not sure if I'd want to be in Gordy's position.

  5. Just to let you know how "square" I am, I never realized how important Cleveland is/was to the music scene. Don't throw tomatoes at me... I know the reality NOW!

    [Throws a couple of tomatoes at Barbara]

    Yeah there's something about the Midwest that churns out great musicians. I haven't figured out just why that is, yet.

    I was thinking that Guitar Hero sells best in the Midwest compared to the east or west coast but I haven't been able to confirm that. The regions that Activision lists are worldwide, and that's not what I am after.

  6. That was a great article Marvin. Thanks for posting it.

    An interesting way of running a company, but not unheard of or rare. I was entertained by the fact that everyone had to be at the meeting at exactly 9 O'Clock or else. Only heard of that once at the airlines I almost worked for. The closeness, support, and general well-being of all of the artists was very special, I take it. They were lucky. Those were the good ole days.

  7. I understand about differences in music, Marvin. I guess the question always depends upon the taste of the person asking. So what you're saying is that if you posted some CD's he'll just knock them off, squarely because his taste is different than yours. Well he asked for everyone's favorites (opinions). I know he asked for the best CD's, but then in his actual post he asked for everybody's favorites. So - maybe there'll be something in there that he'll like afterall. smile

  8. You and me both, Ecstasy, are re-organizing our lives big time, and its a great feeling. Your willingness to even initiate change is a thing in itself because as we get older we repell change. Oddly enough, again, like you, I find myself drawn toward as much change as possible. I lost many many years raising my son, but now that he's a bit older I have some freedom back and am loving it. I love that your family is working with you. That says a lot. Keep up the good work, my friend. I love your energy!

  9. Daisy if you want it bad enough then pull your finger out and do it - I make time to practice - even though I'm not going to go out and play gigs ... if you want something bad enough just do it - don't blame others for what didn't happen - that is in the past - look to the future.

    MJ, you're so very right, of course. I must look to the future and pull myself together and just do it. I've never been so challenged as you have challenged me. I guess that's what I like most about this site -- the challenges, physical and mental. I think we'd all get quite bored if we just stood here talking about the weather and what we wore to work.

    I left a message to see about recording time. If nothing else you guys just might have another video on your hands to laugh at. Alright I've spilled my guts about resolutions. Anybody else wanna take a stab at spilling their guts?

    Oh and by the way, I think I know what MJ wants for New Years. A tall, handsome guy with a mustache. :p

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