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  1. That's a very nice tribute to our Eric. I am a little confused though. Who made/designed this abstract piece of art?
  2. Great pics. Eric looks real sexy in that first trading card.
  3. I love reading about his career. Thanks for posting, Raspbernie.
  4. I agree Darlene. She seems to connect in some way which is important, but equally important is showing emotion of some kind. People don't want to watch zombies. Mind you I just want to add that the emotion HAS to come from deep within. If it doesn't, it will not connect with the audience. Me, I know when a singer is trying too hard or faking the emotion. That doesn't work for me. I realize that artists perform their songs over and over, but they are paid to perform. Somehow it seems to me they have to FIND that emotion for each performance -- I would imagine that's got to take work at times. Saw some beautiful oak turntables yesterday in a Target Superstore. I thought oh my gosh the past is back. What's the purpose. We already have CD's.
  5. Wow JohnO and Marvin. You sure had lots to say bout '08. Nice lists.
  6. EEeek. Yuck. Not a time of year to have a family member pass, of course no time is good. Sorry to hear about your mom, Jeff. You are in my prayers.
  7. I am amazed at how music has taken over my life. I am amazed that I have an excess of 700 posts on this site.
  8. Just heard the whole thing. Interesting. It appears that you have to be exactly what the record label wants you to be. They need to be able to mold you. Just like they molded Marilyn from a brunette to a bleached blond, and they did a fab job.
  9. You get an Ira. forgot the
  10. That's what I wanted to know -- whether charisma sometimes overrides talent, and you answered that.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on it being a bias. It is no problem at all. I agree with Gordy being a dichotomy. As much as I sympathize with the ones who were outcast, it is a business. I really hate saying that but gosh it's so true. Gordy acted much like a casting agency. Best fit for the job gets the job? Not sure if I'd want to be in Gordy's position.
  12. And what have you deduced from that, Marvin? What made one win out over another?
  13. Yes you're right about Ballard being swifted out of the Supremes, but just as well, there were many who got lucky. Life is that way. Maybe he saw more potential in Ross, more dynamic energy, and more charisma. Who knows.
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