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  1. Dear Gail, Happy Birthday----It is your special day. Donna L
  2. Dear Canadian Chick, Have a wonderful Birthday...... Enjoy your big piece of cake..... Donna L
  3. Dear John, Have a wonderful Birthday....Enjoy your special day. Donna L
  4. Best to you on your Birthday Gina....Enjoy your day. Donna L
  5. Dear Gail, I am fairly new compared to the others, but I look forward to your posts. Sorry you had such a rough couple of years. Please-- just look to the future. Donna L
  6. Another Libra......Have a Happy Birthday--Enjoy your big piece of Cake..... Donna L
  7. Happy Belated Birthday to a fellow Libra. Hope you had lots of cake. Donna L
  8. Dear Robyn, Have a very Happy Birthday----Enjoy a big piece of cake....... Donna L
  9. The Poster says August 4th 2010? Is this concert for next year---2011???? Donna
  10. Have a wonderful Birthday...... Enjoy a big piece of cake...... Donna L
  11. Donna L

    "1/2 Full"

    Dear Ira, Good luck with your new position. The kids are very fortunate to have you with your experience, etc. Also, all of us are so grateful to be working today in this crazy world..... Donna L
  12. Dear Fred, Happy 50th Birthday.... Enjoy the Day. Donna L
  13. ;)Dear Friends....... Thank you for all your kind words for my Birthday today. It is making my Birthday very special. Donna L
  14. Happy Birthday Annie......It is your special day. Donna L
  15. My thoughts and prayers are with Baby Ryan. Donna L
  16. Happy Birthday Duane.....It is your Special Day....... Donna L
  17. Birthday wishes to you Razzberry. Have a wonderful day. Donna L
  18. :)Wendy, Great tribute.....You were a wonderful Sister..... Donna L
  19. Wendy, I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please remember, we are all here for you....... Donna L
  20. Paulie, have a geat Birthday...... It is also my wedding Anniversary on the 18th...... It is your special day........Enjoy! Donna L
  21. Darlene I agree with you totally. I adore Opera.....Joan Sutherland is my idol... Donna L
  22. Have a wonderful birthday Steve. It is your very special day!!!!!!! I always enjoy your posts everyday. Donna L
  23. Dear Tony.....What a sense of Humor.... Have a very Happy Birthday---It's your day. Donna L
  24. Dear Clayton, Happy Birthday --- Enjoy your very special day. Donna L
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