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  1. Dear Diane, Have a wonderful Birthday.....Thank you for everything you do for us at the site. Enjoy your very special day. I will be in touch soon..... Donna L
  2. Dear Billy, Have a wonderful Birthday! Enjoy!!! Donna L
  3. Have a great birthday...... Enjoy your special day. Donna L
  4. Dear Jeff, Happy Birthday.....Have a piece of cake for me...... Enjoy Donna L
  5. Dear Paul, Have a fantastic Birthday...It's your special day......
  6. Thoughts and prayers to Pat and Family..... Feel Better Donna L
  7. Dear Marvin, have a wonderful Birthday.....It is your special day. Donna L
  8. Donna L

    "Lack Of Eric"

    Totally agree with the above posts..... Miss Eric..... Donna L
  9. Two beautiful ladies....... Donna L
  10. Where did you find the sheet music for: Never Gonna Fall in Love Again? Actually I am looking for any sheet music of Eric Carmen..... Please help??? Thank you. Donna L
  11. I heard Gene Simmons from Kiss got married???? Donna L
  12. Dear Kim, Have wonderful Birthday---It's your day. Donna L
  13. :)Thank you dear friends for my wonderful Birthday greetings. You are the Best...... Donna L
  14. :)Happy Holiday's to my friends..... The best, Donna L
  15. I also do not get HBO on my TV. George was a wonderful influence in the music business. Very talented. Donna L
  16. Best to you MissM....... Donna L
  17. Hi! Everyone...... I live in Nutley and in front of my condo is completely flooded. I am blessed to have power, so there is always a silver lining....... Dianed I hope all is well with you..... A good day to just take life easy. Be safe.... Donna L
  18. Dear Elle, Have a wonderful Birthday...... I definitely enjoy your insightful posts. Enjoy you special DAY.... Donna L
  19. :)Missam, best to you and your new arrival.... Send us photos soon....... Donna L
  20. HI! Marlene, have a very Happy Birthday. Have a big piece of cake on me..... Donna L
  21. Dear Eric, Have a fantastic Birthday...best to you in the coming year. As always, thank you for your gorgeous music. Donna L
  22. Dear Rich, Have a great Birthday.... Donna L
  23. :)The Best to you Miriam. The Raspberry clothes were adorable. Donna L
  24. I am currently reading the Keith Richard's Book "Life" it is great...... it is a great read...... Donna L
  25. Hi! Melissa welcome to a great site. Everyone is so friendly and informative about almost every subject you can imagine. I had the opportunity to meet about 10 members at a lunch in NYC when I was a junior member. One person was nicer than the other. I hope to meet you and others someday. Have a great day. Donna L
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