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  1. Dear Linda, I hope your day is Special.......... Happy Birthday Donna L
  2. Dear Robin, Have a wonderful Birthday........
  3. Happy Birthday.......... Have a wonderful day..... Donna L
  4. Thank you dear friends for the Birthday Wishes............ I had a wonderful weekend. Love, Donna L
  5. Happy Birthday Redd.......Have a piece of cake on me!!!!!! Donna L
  6. Happy Birthday Blu......Your Special Day!!!
  7. Dear Kiwi, I am sure you will be a wonderful nurse to Muzza. Prayers to you both. Donna L
  8. Happy Birthday to Darlene and Tony....... Sorry for the delay, I was away for a long weekend. The Best to the two of you always. Donna L
  9. I agree Erika, I loved Linda's voice. I hope she takes the path Michael J. Fox has taken, he is quite an inspiration. Donna L
  10. Dear Rick, It also took me 6 months to access this site. I finally sought the advice of my Cousin, Kathy 222 from this site to help me. Great to be back. Have a wonderful weekend. Donna L
  11. I agree.... Great answer from Eric. Have a great day. Donna L
  12. :)Yes, thank you for the information, wish we could view the Ad. Have a Happy New Year across the pond. Donna L
  13. Dear Friends, I agree with many of the posts,that Eric and the Raspberries were definitely ahead of their time. Everyone have a great day. Donna L
  14. Such a classy and gracious Man. Donna L
  15. Dear Eric, I posted Happy Birthday on another post yesterday. All the Same .... Hope you had a very SPECIAL DAY....... Happy Birthday..... Donna L
  16. Happy Birthday Eric....... All the best for the coming year. Enjoy your SPECIAL day. Donna L
  17. I love using BACH and ERIC CARMEN in the same sentence....... Donna L
  18. Welcome....... To our new friend. Donna L
  19. Great Interview....... I never met Jim, but he seems like such a nice person. Donna L
  20. Dear Bernie, A very belated Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for everything--we really appreciate all your efforts. Donna L
  21. Happy Birthday from New Jersey....... Have a very special day. Donna L
  22. Dear RaspberryBelle, Have a wonderful Birthday....... Have a large piece of cake for me. Donna L
  23. The best to you Missy for a wonderful Birthday...... Donna L
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